DOI: 10.1055/s-00000028

International Journal of Sports Medicine

Issue 12 · Volume 37 · November 2016 DOI: 10.1055/s-006-32773

Physiology & Biochemistry

Evans, E. S.; Hackney, A. C.; Pebole, M. M.; McMurray, R. G.; Muss, H. B.; Deal, A. M.; Battaglini, C. L.: Adrenal Hormone and Metabolic Biomarker Responses to 30 min of Intermittent Cycling Exercise in Breast Cancer Survivors
Martins, C. C.; Bagatini, M. D.; Cardoso, A. M.; Zanini, D.; Abdalla, F. H.; Baldissarelli, J.; Dalenogare, D. P.; dos Santos, D. L.; Schetinger, M. R. C.; Morsch, V. M. M.: Exercise Training positively modulates the Ectonucleotidase Enzymes in Lymphocytes of Metabolic Syndrome Patients

Training & Testing

Vieira, A.; Siqueira, A. F.; Ferreira-Junior, J. B.; do Carmo, J.; Durigan, J. L. Q.; Blazevich, A.; Bottaro, M.: The Effect of Water Temperature during Cold-Water Immersion on Recovery from Exercise-Induced Muscle Damage
Turnes, T.; de Aguiar, R. A.; de Oliveira Cruz, R. S.; Pereira, K.; Salvador, A. F.; Caputo, F.: High-intensity Interval Training in the Boundaries of the Severe Domain: Effects on Sprint and Endurance Performance
Mickevičius, M.; Rutkauskas, S.; Sipavičienė, S.; Skurvydas, A.; Jürimäe, J.; Degens, H.; Kamandulis, S.: Absence of Bilateral Differences in Child Baseball Players with Throwing-related Pain
Andersen, T. B.; Krustrup, P.; Bendiksen, M.; Orntoft, C. O.; Randers, M. B.; Pettersen, S. A.: Kicking Velocity and Effect on Match Performance When using a Smaller, Lighter Ball in Women’s Football

Clinical Sciences

Intziegianni, K.; Cassel, M.; Rauf, S.; White, S.; Rector, M.; Kaplick, H.; Wahmkow, G.; Kratzenstein, S.; Mayer, F.: Influence of Age and Pathology on Achilles Tendon Properties During a Single-leg Jump
Ruiz-Casado, A.; Alejo, L. B.; Santos-Lozano, A.; Soria, A.; Ortega, M. J.; Pagola, I.; Fiuza-Luces, C.; Palomo, I.; Garatachea, N.; Cebolla, H.; Lucia, A.: Validity of the Physical Activity Questionnaires IPAQ-SF and GPAQ for Cancer Survivors: Insights from a Spanish Cohort

Orthopedics & Biomechanics

Mazuquin, B. F.; Dela Bela, L. F.; Pelegrinelli, A. R. M.; Dias, J.M.; Carregaro, R. L.; Moura, F. A.; Selfe, J.; Richards, J.; Brown, L. E.; Cardoso, J. R.: Torque-angle-velocity Relationships and Muscle Performance of Professional and Youth Soccer Players