DOI: 10.1055/s-00035026

Applied Clinical Informatics

Issue 02 · Volume 05 · 2014 DOI: 10.1055/s-007-36177

Research Article

Zhou, L.; Lu, Y.; Vitale, C.J.; Mar, P.L.; Chang, F.; Dhopeshwarkar, N.; Rocha, R.A.: Representation of Information about Family Relatives as Structured Data in Electronic Health Records
Hum, R.S.; Cato, K.; Sheehan, B.; Patel, S.; Duchon, J.; DeLaMora, P.; Ferng, Y.H.; Graham, P.; Vawdrey, D.K.; Perlman, J.; Larson, E.; Saiman, L.: Developing Clinical Decision Support within a Commercial Electronic Health Record System to Improve Antimicrobial Prescribing in the Neonatal ICU
Winden, TJ.; Boland, LL.; Frey, NG.; Satterlee, PA.; Hokanson, JS.: Care Everywhere, a Point-to-Point HIE Tool
Brown, P.J.; Marquard, J.L.; Amster, B.; Romoser, M.; Friderici, J.; Goff, S.; Fisher, D.: What Do Physicians Read (and Ignore) in Electronic Progress Notes?
Neri, P.M.; Volk, L.A.; Samaha, S.; Pollard, S.E.; Williams, D.H.; Fiskio, J.M.; Burdick, E.; Edwards, S.T.; Ramelson, H.; Schiff, G.D.; Bates, D.W.: Relationship between documentation method and quality of chronic disease visit notes
Jurkovich, M.W.; Ophaug, M.; Salberg, S.; Monsen, K.: Investigation of the Omaha System for Dentistry

Research Article – ehealth2014 special topic

Piro, N.E.; Baumann, L.; Tengler, M.; Piro, L.; Blechschmidt-Trapp, R.: Telemonitoring of patients with Parkinson’s disease using inertia sensors
Schweitzer, M.; Lasierra, N.; Oberbichler, S.; Toma, I.; Fensel, A.; Hoerbst, A.: Structuring Clinical Workflows for Diabetes Care
Hackl, W.O.; Hoerbst, A.; Duftschmid, G.; Gall, W.; Janzek-Hawlat, S.; Jung, M.; Woertz, K.; Dorda, W.; Ammenwerth, E.: Crucial Factors for the Acceptance of a Computerized National Medication List
Donsa, K.; Beck, P.; Plank, J.; Schaupp, L.; Mader, J. K.; Truskaller, T.; Tschapeller, B.; Höll, B.; Spat, S.; Pieber, T. R.: A toolbox to improve algorithms for insulin-dosing decision support

Invited Editorial

Wood, N.M.; D‘Amore, J.D.; Jones, S.L.; Sittig, D.F.; Ness, R.B.: Death, Taxes and Advance Directives