DOI: 10.1055/s-00035026

Applied Clinical Informatics

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Lu, Tsung-Chien; Fu, Chia-Ming; Ma, Matthew Huei-Ming; Fang, Cheng-Chung; Turner, Anne M.: Healthcare Applications of Smart Watches
Canfell, Oliver J.; Meshkat, Yasaman; Kodiyattu, Zack; Engstrom, Teyl; Chan, Wilkin; Mifsud, Jayden; Pole, Jason D.; Byrne, Martin; Raders, Ella Van; Sullivan, Clair: Understanding the Digital Disruption of Health Care: An Ethnographic Study of Real-Time Multidisciplinary Clinical Behavior in a New Digital Hospital
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Combi, Carlo; Pozzani, Gabriele; Pozzi, Giuseppe: Telemedicine for Developing Countries
Meer, Elana A.; Herriman, Maguire; Lam, Doreen; Parambath, Andrew; Rosin, Roy; Volpp, Kevin G.; Chaiyachati, Krisda H.; McGreevey, John D.: Design, Implementation, and Validation of an Automated, Algorithmic COVID-19 Triage Tool