DOI: 10.1055/s-00000085

The Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgeon

Current Issue 07 · Volume 67 · October 2019 DOI: 10.1055/s-009-44657


Heinemann, Markus K.: An Issue in One Tweet

Original Cardiovascular

Noack, Thilo; Wittgen, Kathleen; Kiefer, Philipp; Emrich, Fabian; Raschpichler, Matthias; Eibel, Sarah; Holzhey, David; Misfeld, Martin; Mohr, Friedrich-Wilhelm; Borger, Michael; Ender, Joerg; Seeburger, Joerg: Acute Effect of Mitral Valve Repair on Mitral Valve Geometry
Oezpeker, Cenk; Barbieri, Fabian; Hoefer, Daniel; Schneider, Bastian; Bonaros, Nikolaos; Grimm, Michael; Mueller, Ludwig: Mitral Valve Surgery via Partial Upper Sternotomy: Closing the Gap between Conventional Sternotomy and Right Lateral Minithoracotomy
Stock, Sina; Scharfschwerdt, Michael; Warnecke, Rebecca Janina; Richardt, Doreen; Tsvelodub, Stanislav; Sievers, Hans-Hinrich: New Device for the Treatment of Functional Ischemic Mitral Regurgitation: Proof of Concept in an In Vitro Model

Short Communication

Agnino, Alfonso; Lanzone, Alberto Maria; Albertini, Andrea; Anselmi, Amedeo: Follow-Up of the Novel Free Margin Running Suture Technique for Mitral Valve Repair

Original Thoracic

Casiraghi, Monica; Galetta, Domenico; Borri, Alessandro; Tessitore, Adele; Romano, Rosalia; Diotti, Cristina; Brambilla, Daniela; Maisonneuve, Patrick; Spaggiari, Lorenzo: Ten Years' Experience in Robotic-Assisted Thoracic Surgery for Early Stage Lung Cancer
Cheufou, Danjouma Housmanou; Mardanzai, Khaled; Ploenes, Till; Theegarten, Dirk; Stamatis, Georgios; Kampe, Sandra; Aigner, Clemens: Effectiveness of Robotic Lobectomy—Outcome and Learning Curve in a High Volume Center
Cohen, Charlotte; Pop, Daniel; Icard, Philippe; Berthet, Jean-Philippe; Venissac, Nicolas; Mouroux, Jérome: Is There a Place for Thoracoscopic Enucleation of Esophageal Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumors?
Grimminger, P. P.; Tagkalos, E.; Hadzijusufovic, E.; Corvinus, F.; Babic, B.; Lang, H.: Change from Hybrid to Fully Minimally Invasive and Robotic Esophagectomy is Possible without Compromises
Ma, Han; Wang, Jun; Xi, Qinhua; Shi, Dongtao; Zheng, Shiying; Ma, Haitao; Ge, Jinfeng: Analysis of Endoscopy Intervention in Postesophagectomy Anastomotic Leak: A Retrospective Study

How to Do It

Yamagata, Yukinori; Saito, Kazuyuki; Hirano, Kosuke; Oya, Masatoshi: Laparoscopic Transhiatal Thoracic Duct Ligation for Chylothorax after Esophagectomy