DOI: 10.1055/s-00000085

The Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgeon

Issue 04 · Volume 68 · June 2020 DOI: 10.1055/s-010-48692

In Memoriam

Original Cardiovascular

Kimura, Fumiaki; Kadohama, Takayuki; Kitahara, Hiroto; Ise, Hayato; Nakanishi, Sentaro; Akasaka, Nobuyuki; Kamiya, Hiroyuki: Serum Neuron-Specific Enolase Level as Predictor of Neurologic Outcome after Aortic Surgery
Puehler, Thomas; Freitag-Wolf, Sandra; Friedrich, Christine; Salem, Mohamed; Renner, Jochen; Cremer, Joachim; Haneya, Assad: Outcomes of Patients after Implantation of the Pericardial All-Biological Valve No-React Aortic Conduit (BioIntegral) for Root Replacement in Complex Surgical Procedures
Salem, Mohamed; Mohammad, Baland; Huenges, Katharina; Friedrich, Christine; Panholzer, Bernd; Cremer, Jochen; Hanyea, Assad: Severe Calcification of the Ascending Aorta Detected Incidentally in Patients Undergoing Cardiac Surgery
Maier, Sven; Morlock, Julia; Benk, Christoph; Kari, Fabian Alexander; Siepe, Matthias; Beyersdorf, Friedhelm; Czerny, Martin; Rylski, Bartosz: Impact of Intermittent Functional Internal Iliac Artery Occlusion on Spinal Cord Blood Supply during TEVAR
Laux, Magdalena L.; Ostovar, Roya; Braun, Christian; Hartrumpf, Martin; Claus, Thomas; Schröter, Filip; Albes, Johannes M.: Wrapping in Ascending Aortic Aneurysms as an Alternative for Replacement: Is It Beneficial?

Editor's Commentary

Heinemann, Markus K.: Editor's Commentary

Letter to the Editor

Short Communication

Smelt, Jeremy; Pontiki, Antonia; Jahangiri, Marjan; Rhode, Kawal; Nair, Arjun; Bille, Andrea: Three-Dimensional Printing for Chest Wall Reconstruction in Thoracic Surgery: Building on Experience
Agrafiotis, Apostolos C.; Etienne, Harry; Le Roux, Marielle; Mazzoni, Lucia; Giol, Mihaela; Debrosse, Denis; Assouad, Jalal: A Single-Center Experience of Osteosynthesis Material Infection after Rib Fixation for Blunt Trauma

Invited Commentary

Review Article

Kuhtin, Oleg; Veith, Marina; Alghanem, Mohammed; Martel, Ivan; Giller, Dmitrii; Haas, Viktor; Lampl, Ludwig: Thoracoplasty—Current View on Indication and Technique

Original Thoracic

Schroeder-Finckh, Alexander; Lopez-Pastorini, Alberto; Galetin, Thomas; Defosse, Jerome; Stoelben, Erich; Koryllos, Aris: Anterior Chest Wall Reconstruction Using Polypropylene Mesh: A Retrospective Study