DOI: 10.1055/s-00000018

Facial Plastic Surgery

Issue 04 · Volume 37 · August 2021 DOI: 10.1055/s-011-51399 Facial Soft Tissue Injury and Healing Guest Editor: Sydney C. Butts, MD, FACS

Guest Editor Preface

Original Article

Stallworth, Christian L.: Fundamentals of Wound Healing
Arosarena, Oneida A.; Eid, Issam N.: Mechanisms of Soft Tissue Injury
Namin, Arya W.; Tassone, Patrick T.; Galloway, Tabitha L.I.; Renner, Gregory J.; Chang, C.W. David: Scalp and Forehead Injury: Management of Acute and Secondary Defects
Seol, Young; Dweck, Monica: Periorbital Soft Tissue Trauma
McElwee, Tyler J.; Poche, John N.; Sowder, Justin C.; Hetzler, Laura T.: Management of Acute Facial Nerve and Parotid Injuries
Xie, Yanjun; Heft Neal, Molly E.; Rudy, Shannon F.; Grunebaum, Lisa D.; Shaye, David A.; Brenner, Michael J.: Lip and Perioral Trauma: Principles of Aesthetic and Functional Reconstruction
Wong, Kevin; Wong, Anni; Rousso, Joseph J.: Reconstructive Options for Auricular Trauma
Schild, Sam; Puntarelli, Tatiana Reis; delaPena, Margarita; Johnson, Adam; Butts, Sydney C.: Facial Soft Tissue Injuries in Pediatric Patients
Horen, Sydney R.; Lopez, Joseph; Dorafshar, Amir H.: Facial Transplantation

Original Research

Letter to the Editor

Spartalis, Eleftherios; Athanasiou, Antonios; Spartalis, Michael; Troupis, Theodore: Platelet-Rich Fibrin in Total Laryngectomy: Long-Term Safety Concerns
Reksodiputro, Mirta H.; Hutauruk, Syahrial M.; Widodo, Dini W.; Fardizza, Fauziah; Mutia, Dita: Response to Letter by Spartalis et al: Platelet-Rich Fibrin in Total Laryngectomy: Further Study Concerns