DOI: 10.1055/s-00000029

Journal of Reconstructive Microsurgery

Issue 01 · Volume 38 · January 2022 DOI: 10.1055/s-011-52640

Original Article

Patterson, Charles W.; Palines, Patrick A.; Bartow, Matthew J.; Womac, Daniel J.; Zampell, Jamie C.; Dupin, Charles L.; St Hilaire, Hugo; Stalder, Mark W.: Stratification of Surgical Risk in DIEP Breast Reconstruction Based on Classification of Obesity
Elia, Jhonatan; Do, Nicholas T. K.; Chang, Tommy N.-J.; Lai, Chyong-Huey; Chou, Hung-Hsueh; Chang, Frank C.-S.; Huang, Jung-Ju: Redefining the Reconstructive Ladder in Vulvoperineal Reconstruction: The Role of Pedicled Perforator Flaps
Bamba, Ravinder; Wiebe, Jordan E.; Ingersol, Christopher A.; Dawson, Steven; Sinha, Mithun; Cohen, Adam C.; Hartman, Brett C.; Lester, Mary E.; Hassanein, Aladdin H.: Do Patient Expectations of Discharge Affect Length of Stay after Deep Inferior Epigastric Perforator Flap for Breast Reconstruction?
Tanaka, Kentaro; Suesada, Nobuko; Homma, Tsutomu; Mori, Hiroki; Okazaki, Mutsumi: Reliability of Temporal Vascular Anastomosis and Techniques for Better Outcomes
Jaurich, Henriette; Becerikli, Mustafa; Zerrer, Jörg; Wallner, Christoph; Wagner, Johannes M.; Dadras, Mehran; Jettkant, Birger; Schildhauer, Thomas A.; Lehnhardt, Marcus; Jung, Ole; Behr, Björn: Hierarchical Ceramic Coating Reduces Adherence of Cells, Blood, Bacteria, and Tissue on Titanium Microsurgical Instruments
Thomas, Benjamin; Warszawski, Jan; Falkner, Florian; Nagel, Sarah S.; Vollbach, Felix; Gazyakan, Emre; Schmidt, Volker J.; Kneser, Ulrich; Bigdeli, Amir K.: A Retrospective Comparative Functional and Aesthetic Outcome Study of Muscle versus Cutaneous Free Flaps for Distal Upper Extremity Reconstruction
Munro, Samuel P.; Chang, Chad; Tinker, Rory J.; Anderson, Iain B.; Bedford, Geoff C.; Ragbir, Maniram; Ahmed, Omar A.: Intraoperative Vasopressor Usage in Free Tissue Transfer: Should We Be Worried?

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