DOI: 10.1055/s-00000029

Journal of Reconstructive Microsurgery

Issue 03 · Volume 35 · March 2019 DOI: 10.1055/s-009-42601

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MacArthur, Ian R.; McInnes, Colin W.; Dalke, Kim R.; Akra, Mohamed; Banerji, Shantanu; Buchel, Edward W.; Hayakawa, Thomas J.: Patient Reported Outcomes Following Lower Extremity Soft Tissue Sarcoma Resection with Microsurgical Preservation of Ambulation
Bartella, Alexander K.; Flick, Nina; Kamal, Mohammad; Steegmann, Julius; Kloss-Brandstätter, Anita; Teichmann, Jan; Hölzle, Frank; Lethaus, Bernd: Hand Perfusion in Patients with Physiological or Pathological Allen's Tests
Innocenti, Marco; Santini, Mariella; Dreassi, Emanuela; Martin, Robin; Melita, Dario; Colombini, Barbara; Innocenti, Alessandro: Effects of Cutaneous Negative Pressure Application on Perforator Artery Flow in Healthy Volunteers: A Preliminary Study
Nakanishi, Akito; Kawamura, Kenji; Omokawa, Shohei; Shimizu, Takamasa; Iida, Akio; Tanaka, Yasuhito: Predictors of Hand Dexterity after Single-Digit Replantation
Zavlin, Dmitry; Chegireddy, Vishwanath; Jubbal, Kevin T.; Agrawal, Nikhil A.; Spiegel, Aldona J.: Management of Microsurgical Patients using Intraoperative Unfractionated Heparin and Thromboelastography
Kung, Theodore A.; Kidwell, Kelley M.; Speth, Kelly A.; Pang, Judy C.; Jagsi, Reshma; Newman, Lisa A.; Wilkins, Edwin G.; Momoh, Adeyiza O.: Radiation-Induced Skin Changes after Postmastectomy Radiation Therapy: A Pilot Study on Indicators for Timing of Delayed Breast Reconstruction
Brosious, John P.; Kleban, Shawna R.; Goldman, Joshua J.; Mohsin, Adnan G.; Williams, Shelly J.; Wang, Wei Z.; Menezes, John M.; Baynosa, Richard C.: Ahead of the Curve: Tracking Progress in Novice Microsurgeons
Wang, Zhongjie; Yi, Xiaoping; He, Jiqiang; Qing, Liming; Zhou, Zhengbing; Zhang, Youming; Zhu, Zhiming; Zhou, Chunhui; Xie, Hui; Li, Xuejun; Zee, Chishing; Chen, Bihong T.: Catheter-Based Computed Tomography Angiography in Anterolateral Thigh Perforator Mapping of Chinese Patients
Mangelsdorff, Gunther; Cuevas, Pedro; Rodriguez, José Ramón; Pereira, Nicolás; Ramirez, Enrica; Yañez, Ricardo: Reduced Anterolateral Thigh Flap Donor-Site Morbidity Using Incisional Negative Pressure Therapy