DOI: 10.1055/s-00000028

International Journal of Sports Medicine

Issue 03 · Volume 43 · March 2022 DOI: 10.1055/s-012-52960


Physiology & Biochemistry

Yang, Jing; Xu, Lin; Yin, Xin; Zheng, Yi Li; Zhang, Hai Peng; Xu, Sheng Jia; Wang, Wei; Wang, Sen; Zhang, Chen Yu; Ma, Ji Zheng: Excessive Treadmill Training Produces different Cardiac-related MicroRNA Profiles in the Left and Right Ventricles in Mice
Möller, Fabian; Jacobi, Elena; Hoffmann, Uwe; Muth, Thomas; Schipke, Jochen D.: Oxygen-enriched Air Decreases Ventilation during High-intensity Fin-swimming Underwater

Training & Testing

Kassiano, Witalo; da Cunha Costa, Manoel; de Souza Fonseca, Fabiano; de Lima-Júnior, Dalton; Costa, Bruna; de Sousa Fortes, Leonardo: Acute Effects of Parallel Back Squat Performed in Different Set Configurations on Neuromuscular Performance
Johnson, Harvey; Duarte, Nuno; Ryding, Diane; Perry, Dave; McNally, Steve; Stuart, A. Graham; Williams, Craig Anthony; Pieles, Guido: Assessment of a Novel, 22-lead Mobile Electrocardiogram in Elite, Adolescent Footballers
Albuquerque, Maicon Rodrigues; Tavares, Lucas Duarte; Longo, Ariel Roberth; Caldeira Mesquita, Paulo Henrique; Franchini, Emerson: Relationship between Indirect Measures of Aerobic and Muscle Power with Frequency Speed of Kick Test Multiple Performance in Taekwondo Athletes
Mason, Joel; Rahlf, Anna Lina; Groll, Andreas; Wellmann, Kai; Junge, Astrid; Zech, Astrid: The Interval Between Matches Significantly Influences Injury Risk in Field Hockey

Orthopedics & Biomechanics

Blanchard, Sylvain; Bellaïche, Laurence; Kuliberda, Zbigniew; Behr, Michel: Influence of Footwear on Posture and Comfort in Elite Rugby Players

Clinical Sciences

Babl, Franz E.; Anderson, Vicki; Rausa, Vanessa C.; Anderson, Nicholas; Pugh, Remy; Chau, Tracey; Clarke, Cathriona; Fabiano, Fabian; Fan, Feiven; Hearps, Stephen; Parkin, Georgia; Takagi, Michael; Davis, Gavin: Accuracy of Components of the SCAT5 and ChildSCAT5 to Identify Children with Concussion

Letter to the Editor

Re Letter to the Editor

Esteves, Mário; Monteiro, Mariana P.; Duarte, José Alberto: Reply to the Letter to the Editor from Dr. Seet-Lee and Colleagues

Thank to the Reviewer