DOI: 10.1055/s-00000028

International Journal of Sports Medicine

Issue 12 · Volume 43 · November 2022 DOI: 10.1055/s-012-55529


Zhang, Mingyang; Tan, Qiang; Sun, Jian; Ding, Shicong; Yang, Qun; Zhang, Zhiyong; Lu, Junbing; Liang, Xingyue; Li, Duanying: Comparison of Velocity and Percentage-based Training on Maximal Strength: Meta-analysis

Physiology & Biochemistry

Young, Pascale; Rauch, Christopher; Russo, Isabella; Gaskell, Stephanie; Davidson, Zoe; Costa, Ricardo J. S.: Plasma Endogenous Endotoxin Core Antibody Response to Exercise in Endurance Athletes

Training & Testing

García, Juan Manuel Yáñez; Mora-Custodio, Ricardo; Ribas-Serna, Juan; González-Badillo, Juan José; Rodríguez-Rosell, David: Movement Velocity as a Determinant of Actual Intensity in Resistance Exercise
Rausch, Linda; Puchner, Bernhard; Fuchshuber, Jürgen; Seebacher, Barbara; Löffler-Ragg, Judith; Pramsohler, Stephan; Netzer, Nikolaus; Faulhaber, Martin: The Effects of Exercise Therapy Moderated by Sex in Rehabilitation of COVID-19

Clinical Sciences

Edouard, Pascal; Ruffault, Alexis; Bolling, Caroline; Navarro, Laurent; Martin, Simon; Depiesse, Frédéric; Oestergaard Nielsen, Rasmus; Verhagen, Evert: French Athletics Stakeholders’ Perceptions of Relevance and Expectations on Injury Prevention