DOI: 10.1055/s-00000018

Facial Plastic Surgery

Issue FPS Women · Volume · 2024 DOI: 10.1055/s-014-59034

FPS Women

Choi, Elizabeth; Leonard, Kyle W.; Jassal, Japnam S.; Levin, Albert M.; Ramachandra, Vikas; Jones, Lamont R.: Artificial Intelligence in Facial Plastic Surgery: A Review of Current Applications, Future Applications, and Ethical Considerations
Capelleras, Marta; Saghir, Meshari; Apaydin, Fazil: Apaydin Classification of Spreader Flaps Updated
DeSisto, Nicole G.; Okland, Tyler S.; Patel, Priyesh N.; Most, Sam P.: State of the Evidence for Preservation Rhinoplasty: A Systematic Review
Himeles, Jaclyn Rosenthal; Criscito, Maressa C.; Kellner, Rebecca; Lee, Nayoung; Stevenson, Mary L.; Sclafani, Anthony P.; Carucci, John A.: Applying Occam's Razor and Descending the Reconstructive Ladder: The Modified Cheek Advancement Flap for Reconstruction of Nasal Defects
Andretto Amodeo, Chiara; Eggerstedt, Michael; Kim, Irene A.; Nabili, Vishad; Keller, Gregory S.: The Deep Fascia of the Infraorbital Region, Deep Plane, and Suprafibromuscular Facelift: New Anatomy for Safer Facelifting
Dermody, Sarah M.; Lindsay, Robin W.; Justicz, Natalie: Considerations for Optimal Grafting in Rhinoplasty
Liu, Sara W.; Lyford-Pike, Sofia: Management of Lateral Wall Insufficiency
Kumar, Anisha R.; Lu, Guanning Nina; Lee, Emerson; Kontis, Theda C.: The Rhytidectomy Scar: Analysis of Patient and Surgeon Perspectives
De Henau, Melissa; van Kuijk, Sander M.J.; Colla, Carlo; Van den Kerckhove, Eric; Van der Hulst, Rene R.W.J.; Piatkowski, Andrzej: Pressure Masks for Facial Scar Treatment after Oncological Reconstruction: Long-Term Patient Satisfaction and Quality of Life