DOI: 10.1055/s-00000071

Seminars in Neurology

Ausgabe 03 · Volume 44 · Juni 2024 DOI: 10.1055/s-014-59835 Update on Neurocritical Care Guest Editors: Shraddha Mainali, MD, FNCS, and Kevin Sheth, MD

Introduction to the Guest Editors


Mainali, Shraddha; Sheth, Kevin N.: Preface

Review Article

Lejeune, Nicolas; Fritz, Pauline; Cardone, Paolo; Szymkowicz, Emilie; Vitello, Marie M.; Martial, Charlotte; Thibaut, Aurore; Gosseries, Olivia: Exploring the Significance of Cognitive Motor Dissociation on Patient Outcome in Acute Disorders of Consciousness
Ong, Charlene J.; Chatzidakis, Stefanos; Ong, Jimmy J.; Feske, Steven: Updates in Management of Large Hemispheric Infarct
Carhuapoma, Lourdes; Murthy, Santosh; Shah, Vishank A.: Outcome Trajectories after Intracerebral Hemorrhage
Lin, Victor; Tian, Cindy; Wahlster, Sarah; Castillo-Pinto, Carlos; Mainali, Shraddha; Johnson, Nicholas J.: Temperature Control in Acute Brain Injury: An Update
Almohaish, Sulaiman; Tesoro, Eljim P.; Brophy, Gretchen M.: Status Epilepticus: An Update on Pharmacological Management
Plante, Virginie; Basu, Meera; Gettings, Jennifer V.; Luchette, Matthew; LaRovere, Kerri L.; The Pediatric Critical Nervous System Program (pCNSp): Update in Pediatric Neurocritical Care: What a Neurologist Caring for Critically Ill Children Needs to Know
Kim, Keri S.; Polizzotto, Leonard; Suarez, Jose I.; Olson, DaiWai M.; Hemphill, J. Claude; Mainali, Shraddha: An Update on Curing Coma Campaign
Dangayach, Neha S.; Kreitzer, Natalie; Foreman, Brandon; Tosto-Mancuso, Jenna: Post–Intensive Care Syndrome in Neurocritical Care Patients