DOI: 10.1055/s-00000169

American Journal of Perinatology Reports

Issue 01 · Volume 09 · January 2019 DOI: 10.1055/s-009-42244

Original Article

Cassidy, Arianna; Herrick, Claire; Norton, Mary E.; Ursell, Philip C.; Vargas, Juan; Kerns, Jennifer L.: How does Fetal Autopsy after Pregnancy Loss or Termination for Anomalies and other Complications Change Recurrence Risk?
Nguyen, Megan W.; Heberlein, Emily; Covington-Kolb, Sarah; Gerstner, Anne M.; Gaspard, Amber; Eichelberger, Kacey Y.: Assessing Adverse Childhood Experiences during Pregnancy: Evidence toward a Best Practice
Vora, Neeta L.; Parker, Joel S.; Mieckowski, Piotr A.; Smeester, Lisa; Fry, Rebecca C.; Boggess, Kim A.: RNA-Sequencing of Umbilical Cord Blood to Investigate Spontaneous Preterm Birth: A Pilot Study
McLaren, Rodney A.; Chang, Kate W.-C.; Ankumah, Nana-Ama E.; Yang, Lynda J.-S.; Chauhan, Suneet P.: Persistence of Neonatal Brachial Plexus Palsy among Nulliparous Versus Parous Women

Case Report

Merves, Matthew; Parsons, Kimberly; Alazraki, Adina; Meisel, Jonathan; Sauer, Cary; Li, Hong: Significant Hematochezia and Intracranial Bleeding in Neonatal Hereditary Hemorrhagic Telangiectasia
Figueiró-Filho, Ernesto Antonio; Horgan, Richard P.; Muhanna, Nidal; Parrish, Jacqueline; Irish, Jonathan C.; Maxwell, Cynthia V.: Obstetrical Outcomes of Head and Neck (Nonthyroid) Cancers: A 27-Year Retrospective Series and Literature Review
Gonzalez, Maritza G.; Wei, Ruth M.; Hatch, Kenneth D.; Gries, Lynn M.; Hill, Meghan G.: A Novel Treatment for Massive Hemorrhage after Maternal Trauma in Pregnancy
Leneuve-Dorilas, Malika; Favre, Anne; Louis, Alphonse; Bernard, Stéphanie; Carles, Gabriel; Nacher, Mathieu: Risk Factors for Very Preterm Births in French Guiana: The Burden of Induced Preterm Birth