DOI: 10.1055/s-00046128

Journal of the American Academy of Audiology

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Atcherson, Samuel R.; Mendel, Lisa Lucks; Baltimore, Wesley J.; Patro, Chhayakanta; Lee, Sungmin; Pousson, Monique; Spann, M. Joshua: The Effect of Conventional and Transparent Surgical Masks on Speech Understanding in Individuals with and without Hearing Loss
Tyler, Richard S.; Perreau, Ann; Powers, Thomas; Watts, Alexandra; Owen, Rachael; Ji, Helena; Mancini, Patricia C.: Tinnitus Sound Therapy Trial Shows Effectiveness for Those with Tinnitus
Ke, Jia; Du, Yali; Tyler, Richard S.; Perreau, Ann; Mancini, Patricia C.: Complaints of People with Hyperacusis
Henry, James A.; Roberts, Larry E.; Caspary, Donald M.; Theodoroff, Sarah M.; Salvi, Richard J.: Underlying Mechanisms of Tinnitus: Review and Clinical Implications
Henry, James A.; McMillan, Garnett; Dann, Serena; Bennett, Keri; Griest, Susan; Theodoroff, Sarah; Silverman, Shien Pei; Whichard, Susan; Saunders, Gabrielle: Tinnitus Management: Randomized Controlled Trial Comparing Extended-Wear Hearing Aids, Conventional Hearing Aids, and Combination Instruments
Yan, Tao; Zong, Fangru; Han, Xiao; Wang, Xiaojing; Li, Qiuhong; Qiao, Ruru; Zhang, Hanbing: Vestibular Neuritis in Patients among Different Age Groups: Clinical Features and Outcomes
Hoare, Derek J.; Searchfield, Grant D.; El Refaie, Amr; Henry, James A.: Sound Therapy for Tinnitus Management: Practicable Options
Piker, Erin; Jacobson, Gary P.; McCaslin, Devin L.; Felix, Kathie: Slow the Spread of COVID-19—and Get your Audiology CEUs at the Same Time