DOI: 10.1055/s-00046128

Journal of the American Academy of Audiology

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Kettler, Maggie; Shoup, Angela; Moats, Shelley; Steuerwald, Wendy; Jones, Sarah; Stiell, Stacy Claycomb; Chappetto, Jenni: American Academy of Audiology Position Statement on Early Identification of Cytomegalovirus in Newborns
de Gruy, Joseph Alexander; Spankovich, Christopher; Hopper, Samuel; Kelly, William; Witcher, Ryan; Vu, Thanh-Huyen: Defining Hearing Loss Severity Based on Pure Tone Audiometry and Self-Reported Perceived Hearing Difficulty, National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey
Henry, James A.; Roberts, Larry E.; Caspary, Donald M.; Theodoroff, Sarah M.; Salvi, Richard J.: Underlying Mechanisms of Tinnitus: Review and Clinical Implications
Tye-Murray, Nancy; Sommers, Mitchell S.; Mauzé, Elizabeth; Schroy, Catherine; Barcroft, Joe; Spehar, Brent: Using Patient Perceptions of Relative Benefit and Enjoyment to Assess Auditory Training
Hausladen, Jennifer; Plyler, Patrick N.; Clausen, Bailee; Fincher, Ashton; Norris, Sarah; Russell, Teresa: Effect of Hearing Aid Technology Level on New Hearing Aid Users