Synfacts 2009(7): 0814-0814  
DOI: 10.1055/s-0029-1217235
Polymer-Supported Synthesis
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Novel Catalytic Activity of Silica NPs in a One-Step bis-Michael Addition

Contributor(s): Yasuhiro Uozumi, Yoichi M. A. Yamada, Elisabetta Greco
S. Banerjee*, S. Santra*
University of Central Florida, Orlando, USA
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22 June 2009 (online)


A bis-Michael addition of active methylenes catalyzed by silica nanoparticles (NPs) was reported. The reaction of active methylene compounds (2 mol equiv) to α,β-unsaturated ketones, esters and nitriles was performed in water to afford bis-Michael adducts exclusively in 78-95% (23 examples). A negligible loss of the catalytic activity of silica NPs was observed after six recyles.