Synfacts 2011(4): 0349-0349  
DOI: 10.1055/s-0030-1259636
Synthesis of Natural Products and Potential Drugs
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Syntheses of (±)-Hamigeran B and (±)-4-Bromohamigeran B

Contributor(s): Steven V. Ley, Catherine F. Carter
S. Y. W. Lau*
University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada
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18 March 2011 (online)


Hamigeran B and 4-bromohami­geran B were isolated from the poecilosclerid sponge Hamigera tarangensis Bergquist and Fromont in 2000. They posses mild antitumor activity towards P-388 whilst hamigeran additionally displays antiviral activity.