J Wrist Surg 2021; 10(01): 053-057
DOI: 10.1055/s-0040-1712515
Case Report

Open Galeazzi's Fracture-Dislocation in a 13-Year-Old Boy: A Case Report

1   Clinica di Ortopedia adulta e pediatrica, Ospedale Pediatrico Salesi, Ancona, Italy
Filippo M. Senes
2   UOSD Centro Chirurgia Ricostruttiva e della Mano, IRCCS Istituto G. Gaslini—Genova, Italy
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Background Galeazzi's fracture-dislocation (GFD) is a rare and complex injury consisting of a radial fracture associated with distal radioulnar joint (DRUJ) dislocation.

Case Description We are presenting a case of a boy, who at the onset showed an open GFD and his assessment after a 1-year follow-up. As a treatment, closed reduction and long-arm cast were performed. At the last follow-up, the patient presented a complete recovery of range of motion and function of the affected wrist.

Literature Review To the best of our knowledge, in the current literature, there are no reported cases of open GFD.

Clinical Relevance Although open GFD is rare this case report may suggest orthopaedic surgeon how to approach and manage it.


The study was performed at IRCCS Istituto G. Gaslini, Genova, Italy.


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