DOI: 10.1055/s-00031417

Journal of Hand and Microsurgery

Issue 01 · Volume 12 · April 2020 DOI: 10.1055/s-010-46352


Original Article

Jernigan, Edward W.; Smetana, Brandon S.; Rummings, Wayne A.; Dineen, Hannah A.; Patterson, J. Megan M.; Draeger, Reid W.: The Effect of Intraoperative Glove Choice on Carpal Tunnel Pressure
Hayden, Andrew J.; Shah, Neil V.; Stroud, Sarah G.; Penny, Gregory S.; Burekhovich, Steven A.; Shah, Aadit T.; Kuehn, Erika; Yang, Andrew; Diebo, Bassel G.; Koehler, Steven M.: Characterizing Hand Infections in an Underserved Population: The Role of Diabetic Status in Antibiotic Choice and Infection Location
Low, Sara L.; Jennings, John D.; Clippinger, Benjamin B.; Landfair, Germanuel L.; Criner-Woozley, Katharine T.; Ilyas, Asif M.: Predictors of Septic Wrist: A Dual-Center 10-Year Review of Risk Factors
Langridge, Benjamin; Griffin, Michelle F.; Akhavani, M. A.; Butler, Peter E.: Long-Term Outcomes following Pediatric Peripheral Nerve Injury Repair
Oflazoglu, Kamilcan; Wilkens, Suzanne C.; Rakhorst, Hinne; Eberlin, Kyle R.; Ring, David; Chen, Neal C.: Postoperative Dorsal Proximal Interphalangeal Joint Subluxation in Volar Base Middle Phalanx Fractures
Scollan, Joseph P.; Newman, Jared M.; Shah, Neil V.; Kuehn, Erika; Koehler, Steven M.: Free Gracilis Muscle Transfers Compared with Nonfree Muscle Flaps for Reanimation of Elbow Flexion: A Meta-Analysis
Verhiel, Svenna H. W. L.; Özkan, Sezai; Langhammer, Christopher G.; Chen, Neal C.: The Serially-Operated Essex-Lopresti Injury: Long-Term Outcomes in a Retrospective Cohort
Reasoner, Kaitlyn; Desai, Mihir J.; Lee, Donald H.: Factors Influencing Infection Rates after Open Hand Fractures
Harada, Yoshifumi; Inui, Atsuyuki; Mifune, Yutaka; Nishimoto, Hanako; Kokubu, Takeshi; Hiroyuki, Fujioka; Kuroda, Ryosuke: Treatment of Locking of the Metacarpophalangeal Joint of the Thumb

Letter to the Editor

Couceiro, Jose; Menendez, Guillermo; Prado, Marta De; Manteiga, Zaira: The Use of Mini-Studios in Hand Surgery Photography