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Issue 03/2021

Ryabchuk, P; Leischner, T; Kreyenschulte, C; Spannenberg, A; Junge, K; Beller, M: Cobalt-Catalyzed Synthesis of Pyrroles from Nitroarenes

Issue 06/2020

Issue 08/2019

Jasiak, A; Mielniczak, G; Owsianik, K; Koprowski, M; Krasowska, D; Drabowicz, J: Continuous-Flow, Michaelis−Arbuzov Rearrangement

Issue 06/2019

Xie, J; Sekine, K; Witzel, S; Krämer, P; Rudolph, M; Rominger, F; Hashmi, A S. K: Photochemical Gold-Catalyzed Arylations

Issue 04/2019

Hea, S.-J; Gong, T.-J; Lu, X; Fu, Y; Pi, J.-J; Wang, X.-X: Defluorinative Alkylation using Redox-Active Esters

Issue 02/2019

Alwedi, E. M.; Lujan-Montelongo, J. A.; Pitta, B. R.; Chao, A.; Cortés-Mejía, R.; Campo, J. M. D.; Fleming, F. F.: A New Isocyanide Functionalization

Issue 05/2018

Nicolle, S. M.; Nortcliffe, A.; Bartrum, H. E.; Lewis, W.; Hayes, C. J.; Moody, C. J.: Synthesis of Functionalized Spiro-Oxetanes for Combinatorial Chemistry

Issue 12/2017

Issue 06/2017

Schuppe, A. W.; Newhouse, T. R.: Total Synthesis of (±)-Andirolide N

Issue 05/2017

Narute, S.; Parnes, R.; Toste, F. D.; Pappo, D.: Iron-Catalyzed Enantioselective Synthesis of BINOLs

Issue 04/2017

Issue 11/2016

Miaskiewicz, S.; Gaillard, B.; Kern, N.; Weibel, J.-M.; Pale, P.; Blanc, A: Synthesis of Azabicycloalkanes by Gold(I)-Catalyzed Amination of Ynones

Issue 10/2016

Liao, S.; Leutzsch, M.; Monaco, M. R.; List, B.: Organocatalytic Transformation of Epoxides into Thiiranes

Issue 09/2016

Kalaitzakis, D.; Triantafyllakis, M.; Sofiadis, M.; Noutsias, D.; Vassilikogiannakis, G.: Pyrrolizidines and Indolizidines by Photooxidation of Furylalkylamines
Zhu, D.; Ma, J.; Luo, K.; Fu, H.; Zhang, L.; Zhu, S.: Enantioselective Rhodium-Catalyzed C−H Insertion of Carbenes

Issue 04/2016

Chung, L. Y. L.; Scott, J. P.: Synthesis of Omarigliptin

Issue 03/2016

Issue 12/2015

Prakash, S.; Muralirajan, K; Cheng, C.-H.: Rhodium-Catalyzed Vinylation
Prakash, G. K. S.; Rapp, A.; Munoz, S. B.; May, N.; Jones, J.-P.; Haiges, R.; Esteves, P. M.; Mathew, T.: Lewis Acid Catalyzed Synthesis of Di/Trifluoromethyl- 1,2,3,4-Tetrahydroquinazolines
Lao, J. R.; Fernández-Pérez, H.; Vidal-Ferran, A.: Kinetic Resolution of Vinyl Sulfoxides by Rhodium Catalysis

Issue 08/2015

Jiang, T.; Bartholomeyzik, T.; Mazuela, J.; Willersinn, J.; Bäckvall, J.-E.: Asymmetric Oxidative Carbocyclization-Borylation of Enallenes

Issue 03/2015

Xu, F.; Zacuto, M. J.; Kohmura, Y.; Rosen, J.; Gibb, A.; Alam, M.; Scott, J.; Tschaen, D.: Asymmetric Synthesis of a DPP-4 Inhibitor

Issue 02/2015

Rae, J.; Hu, Y. C.; Procter, D. J.: Copper-Catalyzed Silylation of Aldehydes

Issue 12/2014

Issue 10/2014

Issue 07/2014

Grüning, W. R.; Siddiqi, G.; Safonova, O. V.; Copéret, C.: Direct Borylation of Arenes Catalyzed by Ir(I)-bpy-PMO

Issue 05/2014

Issue 01/2014

Issue 10/2013

Sakai, T.; Soeta, T.; Endo, K.; Fujinami, S.; Ukaji, Y.: Asymmetric Strecker-Type Reaction of Nitrones Using Cyanohydrin

Issue 09/2013

Dou, L.; Chen, C.-C.; Yoshimura, K.; Ohya, K.; Chang, W.-H.; Gao, J.; Liu, Y.; Richard, E.; Yang, Y.: A New, Strongly Electron-Donating Building Block for Low-Bandgap Polymers
Fix, A. G.; Deal, P. E .; Vonnegut, C. L.; Rose, B. D.; Zakharov, L. N.; Haley, M. M.: A Novel Electron-Accepting Scaffold for Organic Electronics

Issue 07/2013

Issue 05/2013

Radkowski, K.; Sundararaju, B.; Fürstner, A.: Ru-Catalyzed trans Hydrogenation of Alkynes
Masutomi, K.; Sakiyama, N.; Noguchi, K.; Tanaka, K.: Rhodium-Catalyzed Asymmetric [2+2+2] Cycloaddition
Kong, Y.; Jiang, K.; Cao, J.; Fu, L.; Yu, L.; Lai, G.; Cui, Y.; Hu, Z.; Wang, G.: Carbocation-Induced Electrophilic Cyclization of Ynamides

Issue 03/2013

Dunetz, J. R.; Berliner, M. A.: Synthesis of a Glucokinase Activator
McGrew, G. I.; Stanciu, C.; Zhang, J.; Carroll, P. J.; Dreher, S. D.; Walsh, P. J.: Palladium-Catalyzed Direct Arylation of Chromium-Activated Benzylic C–H Groups

Issue 08/2012

Adams, G. L.; Carroll, P. J.; Smith, A. B.: Synthesis of (+)-Scholarisine A