DOI: 10.1055/s-00000017

Experimental and Clinical Endocrinology & Diabetes

Issue 06 · Volume 116 · June 2008 DOI: 10.1055/s-002-12761


Schurman, L.; McCarthy, A. D.; Sedlinsky, C.; Gangoiti, M. V.; Arnol, V.; Bruzzone, L.; Cortizo, A. M.: Metformin Reverts Deleterious Effects of Advanced Glycation End-Products (AGEs) on Osteoblastic Cells
Bircan, R.; Miehle, K.; Mladenova, G.; Ivanova, R.; Sarafova, A.; Borissova, A.-M.; Lüblinghoff, J.; Paschke, R.: Multiple Relapses of Hyperthyroidism after Thyroid Surgeries in a Patient with Long Term Follow-up of Sporadic Non-autoimmune Hyperthyroidism
Labonia, A. F.; Carnovale-Scalzo, G.; Paola, A.; De' Morelli, G.; Scorcia, V.; Bruzzichessi, D.; Scorcia, G.; Costante, G.: Subclinical Visual Field Alterations are Commonly Present in Patients with Graves' Orbitopathy and are Mainly Related to the Clinical Activity of the Disease
Salek, M.; Hashemipour, M.; Aminorroaya, A.; Gheiratmand, A.; Kelishadi, R.; Ardestani, P. M.; Nejadnik, H.; Amini, M.; Zolfaghari, B.: Vitamin D Deficiency among Pregnant Women and Their Newborns in Isfahan, Iran

Case Report

Kita, M.; Mandala, E.; Saratzis, A.; Ventzi, L.; Venizelos, I.; Keryttopoulos, P.; Efstathiadou, Z.; Garyfallos, A.; Avramides, A.: Primary Adrenal Lymphoma Presenting as Addison's Disease. Case Report and Review of the Literature