DOI: 10.1055/s-00000025

Hormone and Metabolic Research

Issue 02 · Volume 8 · 1976 DOI: 10.1055/s-002-13451


Melani, F.; Verrillo, A.; Marasco, M.; Rivellese, A.; Osorio, J.; Bertolini, M. G.: Diurnal Variation in Blood Sugar and Serum Insulin in Response to Glucose and/or Glucagon in Healthy Subjects
Federlin, K.; Slijepčević, M.; Helmke, K.: Islet Transplantation in Experimental Diabetes of the Rat
Høstmark, A. T.; Grønnerød, O.; Horn, R. S.: Metabolic Control of Phosphorylase Conversion in Muscle
Ardaillou, R.; Isaac, R.; Nivez, M. P.; Kuhn, J. M.; Cazor, J. L.; Fillastre, J. P.: Effect of Salmon Calcitonin on Renal Excretion of Adenosine 3',5' Monophosphate in Man
Dinsart, Ch.; Lecocq, R.; Dumont, J. E.; Vassart, G.: Control by TSH of Protein Turnover in Thyroid Subcellular Fractions

Short Communications

Prete, G. F. Del; Tiengo, A.; Bersani, G.; Nosadini, R.; Garotti, C.; Trisotto, A.: Insulin and Glucagon Response to Glucose and Arginine in two Patients with "Autoimmune" Diabetes Mellitus
Loos, U.; Wagner, H.; Bellstedt, G.; Heine, M.; Rothenbuchner, G.; Pfeiffer, E. F.: The Influence of Hydration on T3 Elimination in Urine
Sauerbier, Ingrid; von Mayersbach, H.: Circadian Variation of Serotonin Levels in Human Blood