DOI: 10.1055/s-00000028

International Journal of Sports Medicine

Issue 02 · Volume 31 · February 2010 DOI: 10.1055/s-002-20777

Invited Editorial

Physiology & Biochemistry

Skurvydas, A.; Brazaitis, M.; Kamandulis, S.: Prolonged Muscle Damage Depends on Force Variability

Training & Testing

Bosquet, L.; Maquet, D.; Forthomme, B.; Nowak, N.; Lehance, C.; Croisier, J.-L.: Effect of the Lengthening of the Protocol on the Reliability of Muscle Fatigue Indicators
Kim, J-S.; Ugrinowitsch, C.; Craig, B. W.: Post-Eccentric Exercise Blunted hGH Response
Hoffman, M. D.; Lebus, D. K.; Ganong, A. C.; Casazza, G. A.; Loan, M. Van.: Body Composition of 161-km Ultramarathoners
Sillanpää, E.; Häkkinen, A.; Laaksonen, D. E.; Karavirta, L.; Kraemer, W. J.; Häkkinen, K.: Serum Basal Hormone Concentrations, Nutrition and Physical Fitness During Strength and/or Endurance Training in 39–64-Year-Old Women
Colado, J. C.; Garcia-Masso, X.; González, L.-M.; Triplett, N. T.; Mayo, C.; Merce, J.: Two-Leg Squat Jumps in Water: An Effective Alternative to Dry Land Jumps
Sanchez-Medina, L.; Perez, C. E.; Gonzalez-Badillo, J. J.: Importance of the Propulsive Phase in Strength Assessment

Training and Testing

Kane, N. A.; Simmons, M. C.; John, D.; Thompson, D. L.; Basset, D. R.: Validity of the Nike+Device During Walking and Running


Kane, N. A.; Simmons, M. C.; John, D.; Thompson, D. L.; Basset, D. R.: Validity of the Nike + Device During Walking and Running

Orthopedics & Biomechanics

Behavioural Sciences

Aires, L.; Mendonça, D.; Silva, G.; Gaya, A. R.; Santos, M. P.; Ribeiro, J. C.; Mota, J.: A 3-Year Longitudinal Analysis of Changes in Body Mass Index

Genetics & Molecular Biology

Zempo, H.; Tanabe, K.; Murakami, H.; Iemitsu, M.; Maeda, S.; Kuno, S.: ACTN3 Polymorphism Affects Thigh Muscle Area