DOI: 10.1055/s-00000012


Issue 08 · Volume 42 · August 2010 DOI: 10.1055/s-002-21220

Original article

Lee, C. T.; Chang, C. Y.; Lee, Y. C.; Tai, C. M.; Wang, W. L.; Tseng, P. H.; Hwang, J. C.; Hwang, T. Z.; Wang, C. C.; Lin, J. T.: Narrow-band imaging with magnifying endoscopy for the screening of esophageal cancer in patients with primary head and neck cancers
Sumiyama, K.; Tajiri, H.; Gostout, C. J.; Kawamura, M.; Imazu, H.; Ohya, T. R.; Ikeda, K.; Goda, K.; Saito, S.; Kato, T.: Chemically assisted submucosal injection facilitates endoscopic submucosal dissection of gastric neoplasms
Soweid, A. M.; Kobeissy, A. A.; Jamali, F. R.; El-Tarchichi, M.; Skoury, A.; Abdul-Baki, H.; El-Zahabi, L.; El-Sayyed, A.; Barada, K. A.; Sharara, A. I.; Mourad, F.; Arabi, A.: A randomized single-blind trial of standard diet versus fiber-free diet with polyethylene glycol electrolyte solution for colonoscopy preparation
Seip, B.; Bretthauer, M.; Dahler, S.; Friestad, J.; Huppertz-Hauss, G.; Høie, O.; Kittang, E.; Nyhus, S.; Pallenschat, J.; Sandvei, P.; Stallemo, A.; Svendsen, M. V.; Hoff, G.: Patient satisfaction with on-demand sedation for outpatient colonoscopy
Lee, D. S.; Jeon, S. W.; Park, S. Y.; Jung, M. K.; Cho, C. M.; Tak, W. Y.; Kweon, Y. O.; Kim, S. K.: The feasibility of endoscopic submucosal dissection for rectal carcinoid tumors: comparison with endoscopic mucosal resection
Saleem, A.; Baron, T. H.; Gostout, C. J.; Topazian, M. D.; Levy, M. J.; Petersen, B. T.; Wong Kee Song, L. M.: Endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography using a single-balloon enteroscope in patients with altered Roux-en-Y anatomy



Scherübl, H.; Cadiot, G.; Jensen, R. T.; Rösch, T.; Stölzel, U.; Klöppel, G.: Neuroendocrine tumors of the stomach (gastric carcinoids) are on the rise: small tumors, small problems?

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Case report/series

Conio, M.; Blanchi, S.; Filiberti, R.; Ruggeri, C.; Fisher, D. A.: Cap-assisted endoscopic mucosal resection of large polyps involving the ileocecal valve

Letters to the editor

Philipper, M.; Schumacher, B.: Reply to Grubel et al.