DOI: 10.1055/s-00000028

International Journal of Sports Medicine

Issue 12 · Volume 32 · December 2011 DOI: 10.1055/s-002-22484



Physiology & Biochemistry

Stavrinou, L. C.; Kalamatianos, T.; Stavrinou, P.; Papasilekas, T.; Psachoulia, C.; Tzavara, C.; Stranjalis, G.: Serum Levels of S-100B after Recreational Scuba Diving

Training & Testing

Pinto, S. S.; Cadore, E. L.; Alberton, C. L.; Silva, E. M.; Kanitz, A. C.; Tartaruga, M. P.; Kruel, L.F. M.: Cardiorespiratory and Neuromuscular Responses during Water Aerobics Exercise Performed with and without Equipment
Yoshitake, Y.; Takai, Y.; Kitamura, T.; Kawanishi, M.; Kanehisa, H.: Body Mass-Based Exercise in Middle-Aged and Older Women
Kim, J.; Lee, N.; Trilk, J.; Kim, E.-j.; Kim, S.-y.; Lee, M.; Cho, H.-c.: Effects of Sprint Interval Training on Elite Judoists
Thompson, B. J.; Smith, D. B.; Sobolewski, E. J.; Fiddler, R. E.; Everett, L.; Klufa, J. L.; Ryan, E. D.: Influence of Acute Eccentric Exercise on the H:Q Ratio
Fernandes, R. J.; Sousa, M.; Machado, L.; Vilas-Boas, J. P.: Step Length and Individual Anaerobic Threshold Assessment in Swimming

Orthopedics & Biomechanics

Guariglia, D. A.; Pereira, L. M.; Dias, J. M.; Pereira, H. M.; Menacho, M. O.; Silva, D. A.; Cyrino, E. S.; Cardoso, J. R.: Time-of-Day Effect on Hip Flexibility Associated with the Modified Sit-and- Reach Test in Males

Clinical Sciences

Kang, K. D.; Choi, J. W.; Kang, S. G.; Han, D. H.: Sports Therapy for Attention, Cognitions and Sociality
Knop, K.; Schwan, R.; Bongartz, M.; Bloch, W.; Brixius, K.; Baumann, F.: Sport and Oxidative Stress in Oncological Patients
Yang, J.; Sun, J.; Luo, F.; Sun, Q.; Zhao, L.; Su, N.; Du, X.; Huang, H.; Shen, Y.; Chen, L.: Peak BMD Assessment in a Chinese Infantry Recruit Group


Smith, A. E.; Fukuda, D. H.; Ryan, E. D.; Kendall, K. L.; Cramer, J. T.; Stout, J.: Ergolytic/Ergogenic Effects of Creatine on Aerobic Power

Genetics & Molecular Biology

Ciȩszczyk, P.; Eider, J.; Ostanek, M.; Leońska-Duniec, A.; Ficek, K.; Kotarska, K.; Girdauskas, G.: Is the C34T Polymorphism of the AMPD1 Gene Associated with Athlete Performance in Rowing?