DOI: 10.1055/s-00000015

European Journal of Pediatric Surgery

Issue 03 · Volume 15 · June 2005 DOI: 10.1055/s-002-4202

Original Article

Wünsch, L.; Ehlers, E. M.; Russlies, M.: Matrix Testing for Urothelial Tissue Engineering
Vastyan, A. M.; Pinter, A. B.; Farkas, A.; Vajda, P.; Somogyi, R.; Juhasz, Z.: Cutaneous Vesicostomy Revisited - the Second 15 Years
Tanyel, F. C.; Talim, B.; Atilla, P.; Müftüoğlu, S.; Kale, G.: Myogenesis within the Human Gubernaculum: Histological and Immunohistochemical Evaluation
Haecker, F.-M.; Hauri-Hohl, A.; von Schweinitz, D.: Acute Epididymitis in Children: A 4-Year Retrospective Study

Case Report

Boumzebra, D.; Ettaoumi, Y.; Yaacoubi, M.; Haddani, J.; Fehri, M.; Mehadji, B. A.: Traumatic Aneurysm of the Bifurcation of the Abdominal Aorta in an Infant. A Case Report
Gardikis, S.; Pitiakoudis, M.; Sigalas, I.; Theocharous, E.; Simopoulos, C.: Infarction of an Accessory Spleen Presenting as Acute Abdomen in a Neonate
Sözübir, S.; Demir, H.; Ekingen, G.; Güvenç, B. H.: Ectopic Thoracic Kidney in a Child with Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia
Gabra, H. O. S.; Roberts, J. P.; Variend, S.; Shawis, R. N.: Solitary Rectal Ulcer Syndrome in Children. A Report of Three Cases

Letter to the Editors