DOI: 10.1055/s-00000015

European Journal of Pediatric Surgery

Issue 01 · Volume 31 · February 2021 · Sample Issue DOI: 10.1055/s-011-50227


Review Article

Szymon, Olga; Bogusz, Bartosz; Taczanowska-Niemczuk, Anna; Maślanka, Marcin; Górecki, Wojciech: Ovarian Sparing Surgery in Mature Ovarian Teratomas in Children: A 20-Year Single-Center Experience

Original Article

Dariel, Anne; Faure, Alice; Martinez, Leopoldo; Morini, Francesco; Pini Prato, Alessio; Friedmacher, Florian; Coste, Marie-Edith: European Pediatric Surgeon' Association Survey on the Management of Short-Bowel Syndrome
Pennell, Christopher; Meckmongkol, Teerin; Prasad, Rajeev; Ciullo, Sean; Arthur III, Lindsay Grier; Lindholm, Erika; Grewal, Harsh: A Standardized Protocol for Nonoperative Management of Complicated Appendicitis in Children Reduces Resource Utilization
Uecker, Marie; Lehmann, Ulrich; Braubach, Peter; Schukfeh, Nagoud; Madadi-Sanjani, Omid; Ure, Benno M.; Petersen, Claus; Kuebler, Joachim F.: Choledochal Cysts Resected during Childhood Show No Mutations of KRAS and BRAF as Early Markers of Malignancy in Cholangiocytes
Joosten, Maja; Bökkerink, Guus M. J.; Verhoeven, Bas H.; Sutcliffe, Jonathan; de Blaauw, Ivo; Botden, Sanne M. B. I.: Are Self-Assessment and Peer Assessment of Added Value in Training Complex Pediatric Surgical Skills?
Hartman, Heather A.; Pennell, Christopher; Aronoff, Stephen; Arthur, L. Grier: Effect of Feeding Strategies on the Development of Fulminant Necrotizing Enterocolitis
Kiblawi, Rim; Zoeller, Christoph; Zanini, Andrea; Ure, Benno M.; Dingemann, Jens; Kuebler, Joachim F.; Schukfeh, Nagoud: Video-Assisted Thoracoscopic or Conventional Thoracic Surgery in Infants and Children: Current Evidence
Riahinejad, Maryam; Masoumi, Mohsen; Farghadani, Maryam; Changanian, Parvaneh; Hosseinpour, Mehrdad: Sacrum Ultrasonography: An Accurate Alternative to Radiography for Measuring Sacral Ratio in Infants
Ax, Sofie Örnö; Abrahamsson, Kate; Gatzinsky, Vladimir; Jönsson, Linus; Dellenmark-Blom, Michaela: Parent-Reported Feeding Difficulties among Children Born with Esophageal Atresia: Prevalence and Early Risk Factors
Madadi-Sanjani, Omid; Schukfeh, Nagoud; Uecker, Marie; Eckmann, Stefanie; Dingemann, Jens; Ure, Benno M.; Petersen, Claus; Kuebler, Joachim F.: The Intestinal Flora at Kasai Procedure in Children with Biliary Atresia Appears Not to Affect Postoperative Cholangitis
Schukfeh, Nagoud; Elyas, Amr; Viemann, Dorothee; Ure, Benno M.; Froemmel, Stephanie; Park, Joon-Keun; Kuebler, Joachim F.; Vieten, Gertrud: Phenotypic Switch of Human Peritoneal Macrophages during Childhood
Delgado-Miguel, Carlos; García, Antonella; Delgado, Bonifacio; Muñoz-Serrano, Antonio Jesús; Miguel-Ferrero, Miriam; Barrena, Saturnino; Lopez Santamaria, Manuel; Martinez, Leopoldo: Routine Ultrasound Control after Successful Intussusception Reduction in Children: Is It Really Necessary?