DOI: 10.1055/s-00000009

American Journal of Perinatology

Issue 02 · Volume 6 · April 1989 DOI: 10.1055/s-002-7513


Husslein, Peter; Fitz, Rudolf; Pateisky, Norbert; Egarter, Christian: Prostaglandin Injection for Termination of Tubal Pregnancy: Preliminary Results
Bond, Annette L.; Edersheim, Terri G.; Curry, Laurie; Druzin, Maurice L.; Hutson, J. Milton: Expectant Management of Abruptio Placentae Before 35 Weeks Gestation
Toth, Miklos; Rehnström, Jaana; Fuchs, Anna-Riitta: Prostaglandins E and F in Cervical Mucus of Pregnant Women
Catalano, Patrick M.; Ashikaga, Takamaru; Mann, Leon I.: Cervical Change and Uterine Activity as Predictors of Preterm Delivery
Schröck, A.; Fidi, C.; Löw, M.; Baumgarten, K.: Low-Dose Ethanol for Inhibition of Preterm Uterine Activity
Andersen, Lars Franch; Lyndrup, Jens; Åkerlund, Mats; Melin, Per: Oxytocin Receptor Blockade: A New Principle in the Treatment of Preterm Labor?
Demarest, K. T.; Hahn, D. W.; Ericson, E.; Capetola, R. J.; Fuchs, A.-R.; McGuire, J. L.: Profile of an Oxytocin Antagonist, RWJ 22164 for Treatment of Preterm Labor in Laboratory Models of Uterine Contractility
Fuchs, Anna-Riitta; Vangsted, Annette; Ivanisevic, Marina; Demarest, Keith: Oxytocin Antagonist (dTVT) and Oxytocin Receptors in Myometrium and Decidua
Andersen, H. Frank; Freda, Margaret Comerford; Damus, Karla; Brustman, Lois; Merkatz, Irwin R.: Effectiveness of Patient Education to Reduce Preterm Delivery Among Ordinary Risk Patients
Lynch, Lauren; Berkowitz, Richard L.: First Trimester Growth Delay in Trisomy 18
Mintz, Marshall C.; Landon, Mark B.; Gabbe, Steven G.; Marinelli, David L.; Ludmir, Jack; Grumbach, Kathryn; Arger, Peter H.; Coleman, Beverly G.: Shoulder Soft Tissue Width as a Predictor of Macrosomia in Diabetic Pregnancies
Simpson, Joe Leigh; Mills, James L.; Morey, Arthur; Metzger, Boyd E.; Knopp, Robert H.; Holmes, Lewis B.; Jovanovic-Peterson, Lois; Aarons, Jerome H.; Brown, Zane; Van Allen, Margot; Elias, Sherman; The National Institute of Child Health and Human Development Diabetes in Early Pregnancy Study Grou: Drug Ingestion During Pregnancy: Infrequent Exposure in a Contemporary United States Sample
Holst, Kirsten; Andersen, Else; Philip, John; Henningsen, Inge: Antenatal and Perinatal Conditions Correlated to Handicap Among 4-Year-Old Children