DOI: 10.1055/s-00000009

American Journal of Perinatology

Issue 01 · Volume 40 · January 2023 · Sample Issue DOI: 10.1055/s-012-56101

SMFM Fellowship Series Article

Cate, Jennifer J. M.; Burn, Martina; Kwah, Jason; Liao, Jane; Illuzzi, Jessica; Reddy, Uma; Son, Moeun: Survey of Obstetric Providers to Assess the Knowledge and Management of a Reported Penicillin Allergy in Pregnant Women
Detlefs, Sarah E.; Carusi, Daniela A.; Modest, Anna M.; Einerson, Brett D.; Lyell, Deirdre; Grace, Matthew R.; Shrivastava, Vineet K.; Khandelwal, Meena; Salmanian, Bahram; Shainker, Scott A.; Fox, Karin A.; Subramaniam, Akila; Crosland, Adam; Duryea, Elaine L.; Shamshirsaz, Amir A.; Shrestha, Kevin; Belfort, Michael A.; Silver, Robert M.; Clark, Steven L.; Shamshirsaz, Alireza A.: The Association between Placenta Accreta Spectrum Severity and Incidence of Small for Gestational Age Neonates
Seif, Karl E.; Goetzinger, Katherine R.; Turan, Ozhan M.: The Optimal Cesarean Skin Incision in Patients with Super Obesity

Short Communication

O'Shaugnessy, Fergal; Govindappagari, Shravya; Huang, Yongmei; Syeda, Sbaa K.; D'Alton, Mary E.; Wright, Jason D.; Friedman, Alexander M.: Postthrombotic Syndrome and Chronic Pulmonary Embolism after Obstetric Venous Thromboembolism

Original Article

York, Jackie R.; Testa, Giuliano; Gunby, Robert T.; Putman, J. Michael; McKenna, Gregory J.; Koon, Eric C.; Bayer, Johanna; Zhang, Lilly; Gregg, Anthony R.; Johannesson, Liza: Neonatal Outcomes after Uterus Transplantation: Dallas Uterus Transplant Study
Jalloul, Randa J.; Bury-Fiol, Arlene; Ibarra, Claudia J.; Chen, Han-Yang; Sibai, Baha M.; Ward, Clara: Maternal and Neonatal Morbidity after Cesarean Delivery for Active Phase Arrest following Adoption of the Obstetric Care Consensus Guidelines
Sullivan, Kirby; St John, Meghan; DeFranco, Emily; Kelly, Elizabeth: Food Insecurity in an Urban Pregnancy Cohort
Ness, Amen; Mayo, Jonathan A.; El-Sayed, Yasser Y.; Druzin, Maurice L.; Stevenson, David K.; Shaw, Gary M.: Trends in Spontaneous and Medically Indicated Preterm Birth in Twins versus Singletons: A California Cohort 2007 to 2011
Madden, Nigel; Andrikopoulou, Maria; Overton, Eve; Gyamfi-Bannerman, Cynthia: Latency Period after Preterm Premature Rupture of Membranes: Singletons versus Twins
Becker, Martin; Mayo, Jonathan A.; Phogat, Nisha K.; Quaintance, Cecele C.; Laborde, Ana; King, Lucy; Gotlib, Ian H.; Gaudilliere, Brice; Angst, Martin S.; Shaw, Gary M.; Stevenson, David K.; Aghaeepour, Nima; Dhabhar, Firdaus S.: Deleterious and Protective Psychosocial and Stress-Related Factors Predict Risk of Spontaneous Preterm Birth
Zahedi-Spung, Leilah D.; Stout, Molly J.; Carter, Ebony B.; Dicke, Jeffrey M.; Tuuli, Methodius G.; Raghuraman, Nandini: Obstetric Outcomes in Singleton Pregnancies with Abnormal Placental Cord Insertions
Salmanian, Bahram; Clark, Steven L.; Hui, Shiu-Ki R.; Detlefs, Sarah; Aalipour, Soroush; Meshinchi Asl, Nazlisadat; Shamshirsaz, Alireza A.: Massive Transfusion Protocols in Obstetric Hemorrhage: Theory versus Reality
Schmidt, Eleanor M.; Hersh, Alyssa R.; Tuuli, Methodius; Cahill, Alison G.; Caughey, Aaron B.: Considering Criteria for Active Phase Labor Management of Nulliparous Women: A Cost-Effectiveness Analysis
Bourque, Stephanie L.; Weikel, Blair W.; Palmer, Claire; Cataldi, Jessica R.; Blackwell, Sarah; Hwang, Sunah S.: Prevalence and Predictors of Pediatric COVID-19 Vaccine Acceptance