DOI: 10.1055/s-00000012


Issue 06 · Volume 30 · August 1998 DOI: 10.1055/s-002-7753

Unusual Cases and Technical Notes

S 69
Billi, P.; Alberani, A.; Baroncini, D.; Formica, G.; Borioni, D.; Piemontese, A.; Milandri, G.; Cennamo, V.; D'Imperio, N.: Management of Gastrointestinal Fistulas with N-2-Butyl-Cyanoacrylate
S 73
Gupta, N. M.; Khaitan, A.; Singh, V.; Radotra, B.: Isolated Gallbladder Tuberculosis with Postoperative Biliary Fistula
S 75
Kulkarni, S. G.; Dhawan, P. S.; Shah, S. S.; Rananavare, R.; Vora, I. M.; Shankaran, K.; Kalro, R. H.: Type 2 Arteriovenous Malformation of the Sigmoid Colon with Unusual Angiographic and Characteristic Histologic Appearances


Original Article

Mondardini, A.; Barletti, C.; Rocca, G.; Garripoli, A.; Sambataro, A.; Perotto, C.; Repici, A.; Ferrari, A.: Non-Variceal Upper Gastrointestinal Bleeding and Forrest's Classification: Diagnostic Agreement Between Endoscopists from the Same Area
Lau, J. Y. W.; Chung, S. C. S.; Leung, J. W.; Lo, K. K.; Yung, M. Y.; Li, A. K. C.: The Evolution of Stigmata of Hemorrhage in Bleeding Peptic Ulcers: A Sequential Endoscopic Study
Pescatore, P.; Verbeke, C.; Härle, M.; Manegold, B. C.: Fibrin Sealing in Peptic Ulcer Bleeding: The Fate of the Clot
Bohnacker, S.; Thonke, F.; Hinner, M.; Seitz, U.; Binmoeller, K. F.; Brand, B.; Rathod, Vd; Soehendra, N.: Improved Endoscopic Stenting for Malignant Dysphagia Using Tygon Plastic Prostheses
Amano, Y.; Ishihara, S.; Amano, K.; Hirakawa, K.; Adachi, K.; Fukuda, R.; Watanabe, M.; Fukumoto, S.; Fujishiro, H.; Imaoka, T.: An Assessment of Local Curability of Endoscopic Surgery in Early Gastric Cancer without Satisfaction of Current Therapeutic Indications

Short Communication

Venu, R. P.; Pastika, B. J.; Kini, M.; Chua, D.; Christian, R.; Schlais, J.; Brown, R. D.: Self-Expandable Metal Stents for Malignant Gastric Outlet Obstruction: A Modified Technique
Caroli-Bosc, F. X.; Demarquay, J. F.; Conio, M.; Peten, E. P.; Buckley, M. J. M.; Paolini, O.; Armengol-Miro, J. R.; Delmont, J. P.; Dumas, R.: The Role of Therapeutic Endoscopy Associated with Extracorporeal Shock-Wave Lithotripsy and Bile Acid Treatment in the Management of Caroli's Disease


Letters to the Editor

Kaisinelos, P.; Eugenidis, N.; Vasilliadis, T.; Tsoukalas, I.; Xiarchos, P.; Triansopoulos, I.: Hemolysis Due to G-6-PD Deficiency Induced by Endoscopic Sphincterotomy