DOI: 10.1055/s-00000025

Hormone and Metabolic Research

Issue 12 · Volume 13 · December 1981 DOI: 10.1055/s-002-8643

Schlüter, K. J.; Petersen, K.-G.; Borsche, A.; Hobitz, H.; Kerp, L.: Effects of Fully Synthetic Human Insulin in Comparison to Porcine Insulin in Normal Subjects
Lantz, B.; Ochoa, C.; Wajcman, H.; Fermand, J. P.; Labie, D.; Assan, R.: Minor Hemoglobin Components in Diabetic and Uremic Patients
Montes, R.; Vives, F.; Osorio, C.; Gomez-Capilla, J. A.: Effect of Insulin on Acetate Metabolism in Chicken Adipocytes
Lake-Bakaar, G.; Tovoli, S.; Li, H.; Straus, E.; Yalow, R. S.: Recovery of Secretin in Acid Small Intestinal Lumen Perfusates in the Rabbit
Hanker, J. P.; Ende, U.; Bohnet, H. G.; Schneider, H. P. G.: Intermittent Stimulation with LH-RH in Postmenopausal Hypergonadotropism
Watt-Boolsen, S.; Andersen, A. N.; Blichert-Toft, M.: Serum Prolactin and Oestradiol Levels in Women with Cyclical Mastalgia

Short Communications

Kikkawa, R.; Haneda, M.; Hatanaka, I.; Shigeta, Y.; Ueno, T.; Okuno, M.: Effect of Islets-Activating Protein of Bordetella Pertussis on Glucagon Release from Mice Isolated Islets
Pawlikowski, M.; Owczarczyk, I.; Stepień, H.: Serum Gastrin Levels in Patients with Acromegaly