DOI: 10.1055/s-00023610

Drug Research

Issue 04 · Volume 65 · April 2015 DOI: 10.1055/s-005-28908


Original Article

Shokrzadeh, M.; Chabra, A.; Ahmadi, A.; Naghshvar, F.; Habibi, E.; Salehi, F.; Assadpour, S.: Hepatoprotective Effects of Zataria Multiflora Ethanolic Extract on Liver Toxicity Induced by Cyclophosphamide in Mice
Ozogul, B.; Halici, Z.; Cadirci, E.; Karagoz, E.; Bayraktutan, Z.; Yayla, M.; Akpinar, E.; Atamanalp, S. S.; Unal, D.; Karamese, M.: Comparative Study on Effects of Nebulized and Oral Salbutamol on a Cecal Ligation and Puncture-Induced Sepsis Model in Rats
Guo, X.-Y.; Wang, P.; Du, Q.-G.; Han, S.; Zhu, S.-M.; Lv, Y.-F.; Liu, G.-S.; Hao, Z.-M.: Paclitaxel and Gemcitabine Combinational Drug-loaded Mucoadhesive Delivery System in the Treatment of Colon Cancers
Arslan, K.; Kanbur, M.; Karabacak, M.; Sarıca, Z. S.; Taşçıoğlu, N.; İşcan, K. M.; Dündar, M.; Akçay, A.: Genotoxic Effects of some Antituberculosis Drugs and Mixtures in Rats