DOI: 10.1055/s-00000054



Publication Date: 24 June 2020

Original Paper

Liko, Ina; Lai, Erika; Griffin, Rachel J.; Aquilante, Christina L.; Lee, Yee Ming: Patients’ Perspectives on Psychiatric Pharmacogenetic Testing

Publication Date: 02 June 2020

Publication Date: 11 May 2020

Letter to the Editor

Haussmann, Robert; Donix, Markus; Bauer, Michael; von Bonin, Simone; Lewitzka, Ute: Case of Severe Acute-on-Chronic Lithium Intoxication with 8.6 mmol/l and Prompt Hemodialysis

Publication Date: 30 April 2020

Publication Date: 27 April 2020

Original Paper

Scherf-Clavel, Maike; Treiber, Susanne; Deckert, Jürgen; Unterecker, Stefan; Hommers, Leif: Drug-Drug Interactions Between Lithium and Cardiovascular as Well as Anti-Inflammatory Drugs


Faltraco, Frank; Uzoni, Adriana; Shevchuk, Liliia; Thome, Johannes; Palm, Denise: Synchronization of Fibroblasts Ex Vivo in Psychopharmacology


Kupats, Einars; Vrublevska, Jelena; Zvejniece, Baiba; Vavers, Edijs; Stelfa, Gundega; Zvejniece, Liga; Dambrova, Maija: Safety and Tolerability of the Anxiolytic and Nootropic Drug Phenibut: A Systematic Review of Clinical Trials and Case Reports

Publication Date: 10 March 2020

Original Paper

Mauri, Massimo Carlo; Reggiori, Alessandra; Minutillo, Alessandro; Franco, Gemma; Pace, Chiara Di; Paletta, Silvia; Cattaneo, Dario: Paliperidone LAI and Aripiprazole LAI Plasma Level Monitoring in the Prophylaxis of Bipolar Disorder Type I with Manic Predominance

Publication Date: 11 February 2020

Publication Date: 30 October 2019


Kiehn, Jana-Thabea; Faltraco, Frank; Palm, Denise; Thome, Johannes; Oster, Henrik: Circadian Clocks in the Regulation of Neurotransmitter Systems

Publication Date: 23 September 2019

Publication Date: 11 September 2019

Publication Date: 01 August 2019

Publication Date: 11 June 2019

Original Paper

Publication Date: 21 March 2019