DOI: 10.1055/s-00035037

Methods of Information in Medicine

Issue 05 · Volume 41 · 2002 DOI: 10.1055/s-008-38424


Original Article

Pattichis, C. S.; Schizas, C. N.; Andreou, A. S.: Healthcare Telematic Applications in Cyprus
Maglaveras, N.; Chouvarda, I.; Koutkias, V.; Meletiadis, S.; Haris, K.; Balas, E. A.: Information Technology Can Enhance Quality in Regional Health Delivery
Grimson, W.; Jung, B.; van Mulligen, E. M.; van Ginneken, A.; Pardon, S.; Sottile, P. A.: Extensions to the HISA Standard – the SynEx Computing Environment
Keller, D.; Schaller, W. J.; Wong, J. S. K.; de Groen, P. C.: World-Wide Web-Based Graphical User Interfaces for Laboratory Data
van der Haak, M.; Mludek, V.; Wolff, A. C.; Bülzebruck, H.; Oetzel, D.; Zierhut, D.; Drings, P.; Wannenmacher, M.; Haux, R.: Networking in Shared Care – First Steps towards a Shared Electronic Patient Record for Cancer Patients
Trivedi, M. H.; Kern, J. K.; Marcee, A.; Grannemann, B.; Kleiber, B.; Bettinger, T.; Altshuler, K. Z.; McClelland, A.: Development and Implementation of Computerized Clinical Guidelines: Barriers and Solutions
Babiloni, F.; Babiloni, C.; Carducci, F.; Gratta, Del C.; Romani, G. L.; Rossini, P. M.; Cincotti, F.: Cortical Source Estimate of Combined High Resolution EEG and fMRI Data Related to Voluntary Movements