DOI: 10.1055/s-00035024

Thrombosis and Haemostasis

Issue 10 · Volume 74 · 1995 DOI: 10.1055/s-008-40524

Rapid Communication

Johann, Sabine; Zoller, Christine; Haas, Sylvia; Blümel, Günther; Lipp, Martin; Förster, Reinhold: Sulfated Polysaccharide Anticoagulants Suppress Natural Killer Cell Activity In Vitro

Original Article

Clinical Studies

Toyozumi, Hisato; Kojima, Tetsuhito; Matsushita, Tadashi; Hamaguchi, Motohiro; Tanimoto, Mitsune; Saito, Hidehiko: Diagnosis of Hemophilia B Carriers Using Two Novel Dinucleotide Polymorphisms and Hha I RFLP of the Factor IX Gene in Japanese Subjects
Davì, Giovanni; Ganci, Antonina; Averna, Maurizio; Giammarresi, Carlo; Barbagallo, Carlo; Catalano, Isabella; Calà, Anna; Notarbartolo, Alberto: Thromboxane Biosynthesis, Neutrophil and Coagulative Activation in Type IIa Hypercholesterolemia
Kario, Kazuomi; Matsuo, Takefumi; Kobayashi, Hiroko; Matsuo, Miyako; Asada, Reiko; Koide, Masanobu: High Lipoprotein (a) Levels in Chronic Hemodialysis Patients are Closely Related to the Acute Phase Reaction
Kronenberg, Florian; König, Paul; Neyer, Ulrich; Auinger, Martin; Pribasnig, Andreas; Meisl, Thomas; Pinter, Georg; Dieplinger, Hans: Influence of Various Heparin Preparations on Lipoproteins in Hemodialysis Patients: A Multicentre Study
Dizon-Townson, Donna; Hutchison, Christopher; Silver, Robert; Branch, D Ware; Ward, Kenneth: The Factor V Leiden Mutation which Predisposes to Thrombosis Is Not Common in Patients with Antiphospholipid Syndrome
Knöbl, P; Derfler, K; Korninger, L; Kapiotis, S; Jäger, U; Maier-Dobersberger, T; Hörl, W; Lechner, K; Pabinger, I: Elimination of Acquired Factor VIII Antibodies by Extracorporal Antibody-based Immunoadsorption (Ig-Therasorb®)
Harper, James L; Gill, Joan C; Hopp, Russell J; Evans, John; Haire, William D: Induction of Immune Tolerance in a 7-Year-Old Hemophiliac with an Anaphylactoid Inhibitor
Agnelli, Giancarlo; Ranucci, Valeria; Veschi, Franca; Rinonapoli, Emanuele; Lupattelli, Luciano; Nenci, Giuseppe G: Clinical Outcome of Orthopaedic Patients with Negative Lower Limb Venography at Discharge
Butthep, P; Bunyaratvej, A; Funahara, Y; Kitaguchi, H; Fucharoen, S; Sato, S; Bhamarapravati, N: Alterations in Vascular Endothelial Cell-related Plasma Proteins In Thalassaemic Patients and their Correlation with Clinical Symptoms
Abumiya, Takeo; Yamaguchi, Takenori; Terasaki, Tadashi; Kokawa, Toshinori; Kario, Kazuomi; Kato, Hisao: Decreased Plasma Tissue Factor Pathway Inhibitor Activity in Ischemic Stroke Patients
Bona, Robert D; Sivjee, Khalil Y; Hickey, Amy D; Wallace, Donna M; Wajcs, Selby B: The Efficacy and Safety of Oral Anticoagulation in Patients with Cancer
Janes, Sarah L; Kyle, Phillipa M; Redman, Christopher; Goodall, Alison H: Flow Cytometric Detection of Activated Platelets in Pregnant Women Prior to the Development of Pre-Eclampsia
Rao, A Koneti; Ghosh, Sikha; Sun, Ling; Yang, Xu; Disa, Jyoti; Pickens, Peter; Polansky, Marcia: Mechanisms of Platelet Dysfunction and Response to DDAVP in Patients with Congenital Platelet Function Defects


Radtke, Klaus-P; Fernández, José A; Villoutreix, Bruno O; Greengard, Judith S; Griffin, John H: Characterization of a cDNA for Rhesus Monkey Protein C Inhibitor – Evidence for N-Terminal Involvement in Heparin Stimulation
Verhagen, Hence J M; Heijnen-Snyder, Glenda J; Vink, Tom; Pronk, Apollo; Vroonhoven, Theo J M V van; Eikelboom, Bert C; Sixma, Jan J; Groot, Philip G de: Tissue Factor Expression on Mesothelial Cells is Induced during in vitro Culture – Manipulation of Culture Conditions Creates Perspectives for Mesothelial Cells as a Source for Cell Seeding Procedures on Vascular Grafts
Nielsen, Erik Waage; Morrissey, James; Olsen, Jan Ole; Østerud, Bjarne: Factor VIIa in Patients with C1-Inhibitor Deficiency
Lewis, Sidney D; Ng, Assunta S; Lyle, Elizabeth A; Mellott, Michael J; Appleby, Sandra D; Brady, Stephen F; Stauffer, Kenneth J; Sisko, John T; Mao, Shi-Shan; Veber, Daniel F; Nutt, Ruth F; Lynch, Joseph J; Cook, Jacquelynn J; Gardll, Stephen J; Shafer, Jules A: Inhibition of Thrombin by Peptides Containing Lysyl-α-Keto Carbonyl Derivatives




Hardy, E; Glenn, J; Heptinstall, S; Rubin, P C; Horn, E H: Magnesium Modifies the Responses of Platelets to Inhibitory Agents which Act Via cAMP
Bekkers, A C A P A; Vuurst, H van der; Willigen, G van; Akkerman, J W N; Verheij, H M: Targeting of Porcine Pancreatic Phospholipase A2 to Human Platelets: Introduction of an RGD Sequence by Genetic Engineering
Stuart, M C A; Bevers, E M; Comfurius, P; Zwaal, R F A; Reutelingsperger, C P M; Frederik, P M: Ultrastructural Detection of Surface Exposed Phosphatidylserine on Activated Blood Platelets

Vessel Wall

Minuz, P; Lechi, C; Gaino, S; Bonapace, S; Fontana, L; Garbin, U; Paluani, F; Cominacini, L; Zatti, M; Lechi, A: Oxidized LDL and Reduction of the Antiaggregating Activity of Nitric Oxide Derived from Endothelial Cells

Von Willebrand Factor

Scientific And Standardization Committee Communications

Brandt, John T; Triplett, Douglas A; Alving, Barbara; Scharrer, Inge: Criteria for the Diagnosis of Lupus Anticoagulants: An Update

Letter To The Editor

Aillaud, M F; Succo, E; Alessi, M C; Gandois, J M; Gallian, P; Morange, P; Juhan-Vague, I: Resistance to Activated Protein C – Diagnostic Strategy in a Laboratory of Haemostasis
Funk, M; Becker, S; Pötzsch, B; Kreuz, W; Böhles, H: Thrombophilia in a Child with CDG-Syndrome Type I
Alessi, M C; Parrot, G; Guenoun, E; Seelles, V; Vague, P; Juhan-Vague, I: Relation between Plasma PAI Activity and Adipsin Levels
Casu, Benito; Guerrini, Marco; Naggi, Annamaria; Torri, Giangiacomo; De-Ambrosi, Luigi; Boveri, Giuliano; Gonella, Sergio: Differentiation of Beef and Pig Mucosal Heparins by NMR Spectroscopy