DOI: 10.1055/s-00035024

Thrombosis and Haemostasis

Issue 06 · Volume 48 · 1982 DOI: 10.1055/s-008-40782

Original Article

Dahl, P E; Abildgaard, U; Larsen, M L; Tjensvoll, L: Inhibition of Activated Coagulation Factor VII by Normal Human Plasma
Lijnen, H R; Maes, M; Castel, M; Samama, M; Collen, D: Kinetics of the Inhibition of Plasmin in Acidified Human Plasma
North, W R S; Stirling, Y; Meade, T W: Variation Between Batches in Clotting Factor Assays
van Oost, B A; Veldhuyzen, B F E; van Houwelingen, H C; Timmermans, A P M; Sixma, J J: Tests for Platelet Changes, Acute Phase Reactants and Serum Lipids in Diabetes mellitus and Peripheral Vascular Disease
Peters, S H A; Jonker, J J C; de Boer, A C; den Ottolander, G J H: Home-Diagnosis of Deep Venous Thrombosis with Impedance Plethysmography
Wang, Z; Roberts, J M; Grant, P G; Colman, R W; Schreiber, A D: The Effect of a Medicinal Chinese Herb on Platelet Function
Norcott, H C; Goldman, M; Hawker, R J; Rafiqi, E I; Drolc, Z; McCollum, C N: Platelet Inhibitory Drugs: An In Vivo Method of Evaluation in Patients
Fox, S C; Burgess-Wilson, M; Heptinstall, S; Mitchell, J R A: Platelet Aggregation in Whole Blood Determined Using the Ultra-Flo 100 Platelet Counter
Okuma, M; Takayama, H; Sugiyama, T; Sensaki, S; Uchino, H: Effects of Etamsylate on Platelet Functions and Arachidonic Acid Metabolism

International Committee Communications

Letter to the Editor

Nenci, Giuseppe G; Agnelli, Giancarlo; Parise, Pasquale; Merante, Francesco; Ballatori, Enzo: Sex Difference in Circulating Platelet Aggregates and Response to Antiplatelet Treatment
Velardo, B; Lagarde, M; Guichardant, M; Dechavanne, M; Beylot, M; Sautot, G; Berthezene, F: Decrease of Platelet Activity After Intake of Small Amounts of Eicosapentaenoic Acid in Diabetics
Schwarz, H P; Luger, A; Graf, H; Stummvoll, H K; Aiginger, P: Fibronectin and Venostasis