DOI: 10.1055/s-00000018

Facial Plastic Surgery

Issue 01 · Volume 35 · February 2019 DOI: 10.1055/s-009-42452 New Tools and Proven Techniques in Rhinoplasty Guest Editors: Enrico Robotti, MD, and Werner J. Heppt, MD

Guest Editor Preface


Original Article

Hildebrandt, Thomas; Brüning, Jan Joris; Lamecker, Hans; Zachow, Stefan; Heppt, Werner J.; Schmidt, Nora; Goubergrits, Leonid: Digital Analysis of Nasal Airflow Facilitating Decision Support in Rhinosurgery
Hildebrandt, Thomas; Brüning, Jan Joris; Schmidt, Nora Laura; Lamecker, Hans; Heppt, Werner; Zachow, Stefan; Goubergrits, Leonid: The Healthy Nasal Cavity—Characteristics of Morphology and Related Airflow Based on a Statistical Shape Model Viewed from a Surgeon's Perspective
Heppt, Helen; Vent, Julia; Alali, Mohammad; Paal, Caroline; Heppt, Werner: Nasal Valve Lift in Nasal Valve Stenosis—A 2 Years Clinical Trial
Haack, Sebastian; Hacker, Stefan; Mann, Steven; Gubisch, Wolfgang: Bony Fixation of the Nasal Framework
Saleh, Hesham A.; Beegun, Issa; Apaydin, Fazil: Outcomes in Rhinoplasty

Original Research

Spataro, Emily; Olds, Cristen; Nuyen, Brian; Kandathil, Cherian K.; Most, Sam P.: Comparison of Primary and Secondary Anterior Septal Reconstruction: A Cohort Study
Nuyen, Brian; Spataro, Emily A.; Olds, Cristen; Kandathil, Cherian K.; Most, Sam P.: Relationship of Sociodemographic Factors and Outcomes in Functional Rhinoplasty
Rozanski, Collin; Gray, Mingyang; Rousso, Joseph J.; Hirsch, Matthew B.; Rosenberg, Joshua D.: Disparities in NOSE Scores and Surgical Approaches among Patients Undergoing Functional Rhinoplasty
Güney, Kırdar; Tatar, Sedat; Özel, Bora; Seymen, Cemile; Elmas, Çiğdem; Tuncer, Serhan; Çenetoğlu, Seyhan: The Effect of Minocycline on Fat Graft Survival and Apoptotic Pathway
Justicz, Natalie; Fuller, Jennifer C.; Levesque, Patricia; Lindsay, Robin W.: Comparison of NOSE Scores Following Functional Septorhinoplasty Using Autologous versus Cadaveric Rib

Letter to the Editor

Apaydin, Fazil; Garcia, Rodrigo Fortunato Fernández-Pellón; Pariltay, Erhan: Profile Templates to Use during Surgery in Precision Rhinoplasty