DOI: 10.1055/s-00046128

Journal of the American Academy of Audiology

Issue 04 · Volume 19 · April 2008 DOI: 10.1055/s-010-49111



Wiley, Terry L.; Chappell, Rick; Carmichael, Lakeesha; Nondahl, David M.; Cruickshanks, Karen J.: Changes in Hearing Thresholds over 10 Years in Older Adults
Cox, Clarke L.; McCoy, Sandra L.; Tun, Patricia A.; Wingfield, Arthur: Monotic Auditory Processing Disorder Tests in the Older Adult Population
Hunter, Lisa L.; Tubaugh, Lindsay; Jackson, Adrienne; Propes, Sara: Wideband Middle Ear Power Measurement in Infants and Children
Dreisbach, Laura Elizabeth; Torre III, Peter; Kramer, Steven J.; Kopke, Richard; Jackson, Ronald; Balough, Ben: Influence of Ultrahigh-Frequency Hearing Thresholds on Distortion-Product Otoacoustic Emission Levels at Conventional Frequencies
Piker, Erin G.; Jacobson, Gary P.; McCaslin, Devin L.; Grantham, Sarah L.: Psychological Comorbidities and Their Relationship to Self-Reported Handicap in Samples of Dizzy Patients
Carola Wagener, Kirsten; Hansen, Martin; Ludvigsen, Carl: Recording and Classification of the Acoustic Environment of Hearing Aid Users

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