DOI: 10.1055/s-00000009

American Journal of Perinatology

Issue 14 · Volume 37 · December 2020 DOI: 10.1055/s-010-49782

SMFM Fellowship Series Article

Patel, Shivani; Rodriguez, Aldeboran N.; Macias, Devin A.; Morgan, Jamie; Kraus, Alexandria; Spong, Catherine Y.: A Gap in Care? Postpartum Women Presenting to the Emergency Room and Getting Readmitted
Fishel Bartal, Michal; Chen, Han-Yang; Blackwell, Sean C.; Chauhan, Suneet P.; Sibai, Baha M.: Factors Associated with Formula Feeding among Late Preterm Neonates

Original Article

Umoren, Rachel A.; Sawyer, Taylor L.; Ades, Anne; DeMeo, Stephen; Foglia, Elizabeth E.; Glass, Kristen; Gray, Megan M.; Barry, James; Johnston, Lindsay; Jung, Philipp; Kim, Jae H.; Krick, Jeanne; Moussa, Ahmed; Mulvey, Christine; Nadkarni, Vinay; Napolitano, Natalie; Quek, Bin Huey; Singh, Neetu; Zenge, Jeanne P.; Shults, Justine; Nishisaki, Akira; for the National Emergency Airway Registry for Neonates (NEAR4NEOS) Investigators: Team Stress and Adverse Events during Neonatal Tracheal Intubations: A Report from NEAR4NEOS
Bergón-Sendín, Elena; Soriano-Ramos, María; Méndez-Marín, María Dolores; De Miguel-Moya, Mónica; Fontiveros-Escalona, Diego; Diezma-Godino, Mercedes; Pallás-Alonso, Carmen Rosa; Moral-Pumarega, María Teresa: Percutaneous Inserted Venous Catheter via Femoral Vein in Extremely Low-Birth-Weight Infants: A Single-Center Experience
Nair, Nitya; Merhar, Stephanie; Wessel, Jacqueline; Hall, Eric; Kingma, Paul S.: Factors that Influence Longitudinal Growth from Birth to 18 Months of Age in Infants with Gastroschisis
Van Winden, Kristi R.; Bearden, Allison; Kono, Naoko; Frederick, Toni; Operskalski, Eva; Stek, Alice; Pandian, Raj; Barton, Lorayne; Kovacs, Andrea: Low Bioactive Vitamin D Is Associated with Pregnancy-Induced Hypertension in a Cohort of Pregnant HIV-Infected Women Sampled Over a 23-Year Period
Ahmad, Kaashif A.; Velasquez, Steven G.; Kohlleppel, Katy L.; Henderson, Cody L.; Stine, Christina N.; LeVan, Jaclyn M.; Bhalala, Utpal S.: The Characteristics and Outcomes of Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation within the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Based on Gestational Age and Unit Level of Care
Korff, Stephanie G.; Ross, Julie; Morella, Kristen; Taylor, Sarah N.: Investigation of a Common Clinical Approach to Poor Growth in Preterm Infants
Kern-Goldberger, Adina R.; Huang, Yongmei; Polin, Melanie; Siddiq, Zainab; Wright, Jason D.; D'Alton, Mary E.; Friedman, Alexander M.: Opioid Use Disorder during Antepartum and Postpartum Hospitalizations
Yakut, Kadriye; Öcal, Fatma Doğa; Öztürk, Merve; Öztürk, Filiz Halici; Oğuz, Yüksel; Çelen, Şevki: Assessment of Mechanical Fetal PR Interval in Intrahepatic Cholestasis of Pregnancy and Its Relationship with the Severity of the Disease

Letter to the Editor

Johnson, Jasmine D.; Melvin, Emilie; Srinivas, Sindhu K.; Louis, Judette M.; Hughes, Brenna; Han, Christina Shih-chi; Norton, Mary E.; Werner, Erika F.: COVID-19 Testing, Personal Protective Equipment, and Staffing Strategies Vary at Obstetrics Centers across the Country