DOI: 10.1055/s-00000029

Journal of Reconstructive Microsurgery

Issue 05 · Volume 39 · June 2023 DOI: 10.1055/s-013-57485

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Mitchell, David; Asaad, Malke; Slovacek, Cedar; Selber, Jesse C.; Clemens, Mark W.; Chu, Carrie K.; Mericli, Alexander F.; Largo, Rene D.; Butler, Charles E.: Outcomes of Autologous Free Flap Reconstruction Following Infected Device Explantation
Kallenberger, Ann-Katrin; Xiong, Lingyun; Gazyakan, Emre; Ziegler, Benjamin; Will, Patrick; Kneser, Ulrich; Hirche, Christoph: Intraoperative Heparin Bolus and Postoperative Anticoagulation with Low Molecular Weight Heparin Increase Reliability of Microsurgical Free Flaps for Upper Extremity Reconstruction
Pires, Giovanna R.; Moss, Whitney D.; Memmott, Stanley; Wright, Thomas; Eddington, Devin; Brintz, Ben J.; Agarwal, Jayant P.; Kwok, Alvin C.: Analysis of Readmissions and Reoperations in Pediatric Microvascular Reconstruction
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Zelenski, Nicole A.; Karzon, Anthony L.; Chang, Tommy Nai-Jen; Chuang, David Chwei-Chin; Lu, Johnny Chuieng-Yi: Outcomes of Functioning Free Gracilis Muscle Transplantation to Restore Elbow Flexion in Late Brachial Plexus Birth Injury
Mayr-Riedler, Michael S; Wacker, Alexander; Gedrich, Florian; Ninkovic, Milomir; Machens, Hans-Günther; Dozan, Mirko; Broer, P. Niclas: Outcomes and Risk Factors in Microsurgical Forefoot Reconstruction
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Strojny, Marcin Michal; Kozlowska, Katarzyna; Brodowska, Sonia; Różczka, Klaudia; Siemionow, Maria: Assessment of Human Epineural Conduit of Different Size Diameters on Efficacy of Nerve Regeneration and Functional Outcomes