DOI: 10.1055/s-00033103

Journal of Child Science

Issue 01 · Volume 08 · January 2018 DOI: 10.1055/s-008-36680

Original Article

Gloria-Bottini, Fulvia; Neri, Anna; Saccucci, Patrizia; Manca Bitti, Maria Luisa; Rapini, Novella; Renzetti, Gabriele; Magrini, Andrea; Bottini, Egidio: Maternal Age at Delivery and Enzyme Polymorphisms in Children with Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus
Azoumah, K. D.; Agbéko, F.; Djadou, K. E.; Segbedji, K. A. R.; Géraldo, A.; Takassi, O. E.; Douaguibe, B.; Agbèrè, A. D.; Atakouma, Y. D.: HIV Pediatric Care Quality in Togo's Health Facilities in 2014
Krauel, Lucas; de Haro, Irene; Carrasco, Rosalia; Vancells, Margarita; Mora, Jaume: Upfront Nephrectomy for the Treatment of Wilms Tumor: Outcomes and Predictors of Complications
Ayede, Adejumoke Idowu; Amoo, Banke Lois; Anetor, John Ibhagbemien; Adeola, Adesegun S.: Status of Some Basic Antioxidants in Pre- and Postmalaria Treatment in Children
Liu, Xue-Cheng; Hainsworth, Keri; Simpson, Pippa; Lyon, Roger; Tassone, Channing; Weisman, Steven: Pilot Study of the Gait Deviation Index in Quantifying Overweight Children's Mobility
Chiabi, Andreas; Ngamgo Kamdem, Jenny Christelle; Nkoro, Anita Grâce; Siyou, Hippolyte; Mah, Evelyn; Nguefack, Félicitée Dongmo; Nguefack, Seraphin; Angwafo, Fru: Epidemiological and Clinical Features of Diaper Dermatitis in Infants at the Yaounde Gynaeco-Obstetric and Pediatric Hospital, Cameroon

Case Report

Singh, Shailendra Pal; Verma, Shashank; Singh, Praveen; Pandey, Anand: Gastric Perforation Following Dog Bite in a Child
Natsheh, Juma; Abu-Libdeh, Bassam; Abu-Libdeh, Abdulsalam: Growth Hormone Deficiency in Congenital Toxoplasmosis