DOI: 10.1055/s-00029025

Journal of Pediatric Epilepsy


Publication Date: 08 July 2024

Publication Date: 05 July 2024

Case Report

Publication Date: 28 June 2024

Publication Date: 25 June 2024

Publication Date: 13 June 2024

Case Report

Loos, Mariana; Juanes, Matias; Gallo, Adolfo; Martín, María Eugenia; Reyes, Gabriela; Veneruzzo, Gabriel; Rugilo, Carlos; Alonso, Cristina; Caraballo, Roberto: Expanding the Phenotypic Spectrum of GRIN1 Encephalopathy: Two Pediatric Patients with Atypical Findings

Publication Date: 30 May 2024

Case Report

Chowdhry, Ratnapriya; Kondekar, Santosh; Shaikh, Gulrej: Amish Infantile Epilepsy in an Indian Child

Publication Date: 15 May 2024

Case Report

Loos, Mariana; Touzon, Maria Sol; Reyes, Gabriela; Juanes, Matias; Caraballo, Roberto H.: Variable Phenotypes in the Same Patient with PRRT2-Associated Disorders

Publication Date: 28 March 2024

Letter to the Editor

Güzin, Yiğithan; Bozkaya-Yilmaz, Sema; Basarir, Gunce; Olgac-Dundar, Nihal: Challenges in the Treatment of Juvenile Myoclonic Epilepsy in Female Patients

Publication Date: 19 January 2024

Publication Date: 05 January 2024

Publication Date: 28 March 2023