DOI: 10.1055/s-00000076

Seminars in Speech and Language

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Goberis, Dianne; Beams, Dinah; Dalpes, Molly; Abrisch, Amanda; Baca, Rosalinda; Yoshinaga-Itano, Christine: The Missing Link in Language Development of Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children: Pragmatic Language Development
Fox, Cynthia M.; Ramig, Lorraine O.; Ciucci, Michelle R.; Sapir, Shimon; McFarland, David H.; Farley, Becky G.: The Science and Practice of LSVT/LOUD: Neural Plasticity-Principled Approach to Treating Individuals with Parkinson Disease and Other Neurological Disorders
Simmons-Mackie, Nina; Kagan, Aura: Application of the ICF in Aphasia