Planta Med 1971; 20(4): 142-146
DOI: 10.1055/s-0028-1099680
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S. M. Paul Khurana
  • Botany Department, University of Gorakhpur, Gorakhpur (U. P.), India
1 Based on part of the Ph. D. thesis (1968) submitted by the author to Gorakhpur Univ., Gorakhpur (India).
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15 January 2009 (online)


Studies on the determination of antiviral activity of 6 homoeopathic drugs in vitro and in vivo, against 3 papaya viruses and cucumber mosaic virus were conducted. Higher degrees of virus inhibition were observed when the drugs were either mixed with infective saps before inoculation on test plants or the drug was administered in hosts by root–dip treatment 7 days before inoculation. The drugs had more effect on the systemic hosts than that of the local lesion host. No phytotoxic effects were observed in plants after the treatment.

Thuja 0.30 and Sulphur 30 reduced the virus infection upto 80 % followed by Apis M–. 30 and Bryonia A. 30 which decreased the infection by 50 % only.