Synthesis 2006(9): 1408-1414  
DOI: 10.1055/s-2006-926430
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2-Lithioindenyllithium: An Easily Accessible Intermediate for the One-Pot Synthesis of Single- and Double-Functionalised 2-Indene Derivatives

Edwin G. Ijpeij*, Gert-Jan M. Gruter
DSM Research, P.O. Box 18, 6160 MD Geleen, The Netherlands
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Received 29 September 2005
Publication Date:
11 April 2006 (eFirst)


We found that double-silicon-bridged bisindenyl complexes of early transition metals of group 4 are able to produce polyethylenes with high molecular weights and narrow molecular-weight distributions having high α-olefin incorporation. The bottle-neck for the synthesis of these complexes is the ligand synthesis. The corresponding ligands could be obtained via a three-step procedure with low (15%) overall yields. We found that the use of the new 2-lithioindenyllithium enhanced the overall yield to 50% in a one-pot procedure.


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Currently employed with Avantium Technologies Amsterdam.


Yields determined by 1H NMR of the crude reaction mixture.


Wang, B.; unpublished results.