Eur J Pediatr Surg 2008; 18(6): 363
DOI: 10.1055/s-2008-1039212

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09 December 2008 (online)

Dear Colleagues

It is essential for scientific journals that they can rely on an active and professional Editorial Board and Editorial Consultants. The European Journal of Pediatric Surgery has been supported by many pediatric surgeons, whether as Editors, representatives of societies or Editorial Consultants over many years, all of whom have made important contributions to the reputation and circulation of this journal. I would like to thank these colleagues on behalf of the editors and the whole editorial team for their continuous co-operation and support.

To ensure a lively and active journal, regular changes in membership are natural. Two members of the Editorial Board, Alexander Holschneider and Yann Revillon, both of whom served as Editors-in-Chief for many years, have stepped down to become Editor Emeriti. George W. Holcomb from Kansas City and Yves Aigrain from Paris were appointed as new members of the Editorial Board. We are very happy to welcome both to the journal.

To increase the input of the 22 societies associated with the journal, the Editorial Board has decided that each society should appoint or re-appoint a representative for the journal. These appointments will preferably be for a period of 5 years, and the aim is for the appointed person to represent the society in the European Journal of Pediatric Surgery as well as the European Journal of Pediatric Surgery in the society.

In addition, we wish to give other interested colleagues a chance to take on responsibilities. Numerous internationally well-known pediatric surgeons were proposed as Editorial Consultants and have been appointed. They are also very welcome.

On behalf of our Editorial Board and Georg Thieme Publishers, I would like to thank the colleagues who have now left the journal for their many years of support and welcome the new members to the European Journal of Pediatric Surgery.

Benno Ure