The Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgeon

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Issue S 02/2009

Hetzer, R.: Foreword
Knosalla, C.; Dandel, M.; Schmitt-Knosalla, I.; Yeter, R.; Hetzer, R.: Impact of Surgical Techniques on Long-Term Results after Heart Transplantation
Albert, W.; Gresch, C.; Heidmann, V.; Hetzer, R.: Quality of Life as a Prognostic Factor
Wellnhofer, E.; Dandel, M.; Hiemann, N. E.; Lehmkuhl, H. B.; Knosalla, C.; Hetzer, R.: Correlation of Transplant Vasculopathy with Long-Term Survival
Hiemann, N. E.; Wellnhofer, E.; Knosalla, C.; Lehmkuhl, H.; Hetzer, R.; Meyer, R.: Prognostic Impact of Microvasculopathy on Survival after Heart Transplantation