Organic Materials

Category: Organic Thin Films: From Vapor Deposition to Functional Applications

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Issue 02/2023

Mohammadi Hafshejani, Tahereh; Zhong, Xiaoyang; Kim, John; Dadfar, Bahar; Lahann, Joerg: Chemical and Topological Control of Surfaces Using Functional Parylene Coatings
Chou, Fang-Yu; Ramli, Theresia Cecylia; Lee, Chin-Yun; Hu, Shu-Man; Christy, Jane; Chen, Hsien-Yeh: Vapor-Deposited Polymer Films and Structure: Methods and Applications
Kim, S.; van Ommen, J. R.; Zara, D. La; Courtois, N.; Davin, J.; Recker, C.; Schoeffel, J.; Blume, A.; Talma, A.; Dierkes, W. K.: Molecular Layer Deposition (MLD) of a Blocked Mercapto Silane on Precipitated Silica

Issue 01/2023

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