DOI: 10.1055/s-00000012


Issue 02 · Volume 42 · February 2010 DOI: 10.1055/s-002-20771

Original article

Heresbach, D.; Leray, E.; d’Halluin, P. N.; Cholet, F.; Lapalus, M. G.; Gaudric, M.; Ben Soussan, E.; Gaudin, J. L.; Vahedi, K.; Quentin, V.; Filoche, B.; Saurin, J. C.; Chaussade, S.; Ponchon, T.: Diagnostic accuracy of esophageal capsule endoscopy versus conventional upper digestive endoscopy for suspected esophageal squamous cell carcinoma
Komazawa, Y.; Amano, Y.; Yuki, M.; Fukuhara, H.; Mishiro, T.; Shizuku, T.; Kinoshita, Y.: Oolong tea is useful for lens cleansing in transnasal small-caliber esophagogastroduodenoscopy
Joo, M. K.; Park, J.-J.; Lee, W. W.; Lee, B. J.; Hwang, J. K.; Kim, S.-H.; Jung, W.; Kim, J. H.; Yeon, J. E.; Byun, K. S.; Bak, Y. T.: Differences in the prevalence of colorectal polyps in patients undergoing endoscopic removal of gastric adenoma or early gastric cancer and in healthy individuals
Keil, R.; Snajdauf, J.; Rygl, M.; Pycha, K.; Kotalová, R.; Drábek, J.; Stovícek, J.; Procke, M.: Diagnostic efficacy of ERCP in cholestatic infants and neonates – a retrospective study on a large series
Al-Haddad, M.; Gill, K. R. S.; Raimondo, M.; Woodward, T. A.; Krishna, M.; Crook, J. E.; Skarvinko, L. N.; Jamil, L. H.; Hasan, M.; Wallace, M. B.: Safety and efficacy of cytology brushings versus standard fine-needle aspiration in evaluating cystic pancreatic lesions: a controlled study
Larsen, M. H.; Fristrup, C. W.; Pless, T.; Ainsworth, A. P.; Nielsen, H. O.; Hovendal, C. P.; Mortensen, M. B.: Endoscopic ultrasound-guided fine-needle marking of lymph nodes
Ciuti, G.; Donlin, R.; Valdastri, P.; Arezzo, A.; Menciassi, A.; Morino, M.; Dario, P.: Robotic versus manual control in magnetic steering of an endoscopic capsule



Innovation forum

Case report/series

Lee, J. E.; Moon, J. H.; Choi, H. J.; Song, A. R.; Jung, E. K.; Cheon, Y. K.; Cho, Y. D.; Lee, M. S.: Endoscopic treatment of difficult bile duct stones by using a double-lumen basket for laser lithotripsy – a case series
Coelho-Prabhu, N.; Baron, T. H.; Kamath, P. S.: Endoscopic band ligation of rectal varices: a case series

Letters to the editor

Yoshida, N.; Yagi, N.; Naito, Y.: Reply to Cipoletta et al.
Adler, D. C.; Zhou, C.; Tsai, T. H.; Lee, H. C.; Becker, L.; Schmitt, J. M.; Huang, Q.; Fujimoto, J. G.; Mashimo, H.: Reply to Pouw et al.