DOI: 10.1055/s-00000028

International Journal of Sports Medicine

Issue 06 · Volume 31 · June 2010 DOI: 10.1055/s-002-21048

Physiology & Biochemistry

Voss, S.; Lüdke, A.; Romberg, S.; Schänzer, E.; Flenker, U.; deMarees, M.; Achtzehn, S.; Mester, J.; Schänzer, W.: Effects of High Intensity Exercise on Isoelectric Profiles and SDS-PAGE Mobility of Erythropoietin
Lafleur, J. E.; Bartniczuk, D.; Collier, A.; Griffin, N.; Swenson, E. R.: Acetazolamide and Exercise Hypoxia
Oliveira, V. N. de; Bessa, A.; Lamounier, R. P. M. S.; Santana, M. G. de; Mello, M. T. de; Espindola, F. S.: Changes in the Salivary Biomarkers Induced by an Effort Test

Training & Testing

Quod, M. J.; Martin, D. T.; Martin, J. C.; Laursen, P. B.: The Power Profile Predicts Road Cycling MMP
Buchheit, M.; Bishop, D.; Haydar, B.; Nakamura, F. Y.; Ahmaidi, S.: Physiological Responses to Shuttle Repeated-Sprint Running
Torres, R.; Vasques, J.; Duarte, J. A.; Cabri, J. M. H.: Knee Proprioception after Exercise-Induced Muscle Damage
Sanchis-Moysi, J.; Dorado, C.; Olmedillas, H.; Serrano-Sanchez, J. A.; Calbet, J. A. L.: Bone Mass in Prepubertal Tennis Players
Reis, V. M.; Marinho, D. A.; Policarpo, F. B.; Carneiro, A. L.; Baldari, C.; Silva, A. J.: Examining the Accumulated Oxygen Deficit Method in Front Crawl Swimming
Hynynen, E.; Vesterinen, V.; Rusko, H.; Nummela, A.: Effects of Moderate and Heavy Endurance Exercise on Nocturnal HRV
Ciolac, E. G.; Garcez-Leme, L. E.; Greve, J. M. D.: Resistance Exercise Intensity Progression in Older Men


VanHaitsma, T. A.; Mickleborough, T.; Stager, J. M.; Koceja, D. M.; Lindley, M. R.; Chapman, R.: Comparative Effects of Caffeine and Albuterol on the Bronchoconstrictor Response to Exercise in Asthmatic Athletes