DOI: 10.1055/s-00000015

European Journal of Pediatric Surgery

Issue 05 · Volume 20 · September 2010 DOI: 10.1055/s-002-21429



Original Article

Keckler, S. J.; Peter, S. D. St.; Tsao, K.; Holcomb, G. W.: Laparoscopic Excision of Splenic Cysts: A Comparison to the Open Approach
Nué, R. Le; Molinaro, F.; Gomes-Ferreira, C.; Scheib-Brolly, C.; Escande, B.; Kühn, P.; Lacreuse, I.; Favre, R.; Becmeur, F.: Surgical Management of Congenital Chylothorax in Children
Soccorso, G.; Ninan, G. K.; Rajimwale, A.; Nour, S.: Acute Scrotum: Is Scrotal Exploration the Best Management?
Schmuck, T.; Altermatt, S.; Büchler, P.; Klima-Lange, D.; Krieg, A.; Lutz, N.; Muermann, J.; Slongo, T.; Sossai, R.; Hasler, C.: Greenstick Fractures of the Middle Third of the Forearm. A Prospective Multi-Centre Study
Turial, S.; Kreutz, M.; Häußer, S.; Enders, J.; Schier, F.: CD Rats as an Animal Model in the Experimental Study of Laparoscopic Hernia Repair
Karam, O.; Sanchez, O.; Wildhaber, B. E.; La Scala, G. C.: National Survey on Abdominal Trauma Practices of Pediatric Surgeons
Onal, E.; Turan, O.; Karabulut, R.; Hirfanoglu, I.; Turkyilmaz, C.; Sonmez, K.; Türkyılmaz, Z.; Kapısız, A.; Basaklar, A. C.: Where should the Normal Position of the Umbilicus be in the Neonate?

Case Gallery

Maged, I. M.; Bonatti, H. J. R.; Norton, P. T.; Rodgers, B. M.; Abdel-Gawad, E. A.; Housseini, A. M.; Hagspiel, K. D.: CT Angiography in Children with Penetrating Injuries Related to ATV Accidents
Lind, R. C.; Hulscher, J. B. F.; van der Wal, J. E.; Dikkers, F. G.; Langen, Z. J. de: A Very Rare Case of a Giant Third Branchial Pouch Remnant Discovered in Utero
Gupta, R.; Parelkar, S. V.; Oak, S.; Sanghvi, B.; Kaltari, D. K.; Prakash, A.; Patil, R.; Bachani, M.: Cloacal Dysgenesis Sequence in a Set of Twins: New Insights Into Embryology and a Review of the Literature

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